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Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

by admin / January 4, 2016 Cleaning supplies

A dirty and unsanitary bathroom may be the breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and germs that may cause severe allergies. You need to keep your bathrooms spic and span. Cleaning bathrooms everyday would keep germs and infection at bay. You should pay special attention to bathroom cleaning. Clean your bathtubs, toilets, sinks, floor etc. regularly.

Bathroom cleaning is a challenging task as it involves cleaning of diverse surfaces. However, there is no dearth of effective bathroom cleaning products today. The market is flooded with a wide spectrum of cleaning products that makes your job much easier. Thanks to these advanced cleaning products, you could easily choose the perfect cleaning tool for the various surfaces and areas in your bathroom. Bathroom cleaning is no longer a big deal.

Use Good Quality Detergent-based Wipes

Remember to clean your counter top, windows, and other surfaces with detergent based wipes. These wipes are really handy and easy to use. These are usually alcohol-free and can be used to serve various purposes.

Get a Good Sanitiser

You may use a good quality sanitiser cum cleaner for cleaning toilets, urinals, porcelain, stainless steel sinks etc. A sanitiser is great for cleaning tiled floors and areas where soap scum accumulates.

Always Keep Cleaning Vinegar Handy

Cleaning vinegar contains natural ingredients and is non-toxic and highly effective for removing scales, rust and other types of impurities that are found on smooth surfaces. This is truly effective when diluted in water. It could be a great alternative for getting rid of weed. This is really a safe product and could be used without any worries of harsh chemicals.

Use Sponge Odour Absorbers, Deodorisers & Air Fresheners

Sponge odour absorbers are just right for totally absorbing offensive odours and effectively eliminating microscopic pollutants that are found suspending in the air. You should use an effective deodoriser or an air freshener for eliminating offensive odours including cigarette smoke odours. Air fresheners possess amazingly strong and really sharp aroma and is able to effectively neutralize unpleasant odours leaving your bathrooms smelling fresh.

Tips for Using Advanced Bathroom Cleaning Products

The latest breed of cleaning products work superbly, quickly and with double efficacy. Expensive cleaners could be used without causing too much damage to your bank balance.

  • Buy the cleaning product as per specific requirement.
  • Matching the cleaner with the precise job is the secret to a clean toilet. Use the right cleaner while cleaning the soil and the surface involved.
  • Do not waste your high strength degreaser on common and not so stubborn water spots. Likewise, there is no point tackling really stubborn grease stains with mild cleansers.
  • Using just enough cleaning product works wonders. Do not waste your money and time by using cleaning products excessively. It would take more time to rinse and wipe if you go overboard and use excessively.
  • Do not use the caps for measuring cleaning products as cap markings are barely visible. It is better to opt for easy to read measuring cups. However, you could use permanent markers to mark caps for effectively preventing any overuse.
  • It is always a good idea to buy in bulk for lower per unit prices.

Follow the suggestions mentioned above and your toilet will always remain germ-free.