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Maintaining Cleanliness & Hygiene in Your Restaurant

Maintaining Cleanliness & Hygiene in Your Restaurant

by admin / September 15, 2017 kitchen hospitality supplies

You must keep the kitchen in your restaurant clean for mainly hygiene and safety reasons. Always order top quality kitchen hospitality supplies online for convenience and affordability. A kitchen in a restaurant must necessarily be spic and span. There are several protocols to be followed for meeting existing health regulations and codes.

Cleaning Floors

You must always examine from time to time if the floor drains are working properly and that there is no clogging anywhere. Floors must necessarily be sealed with an anti-slip or low coating for promoting proper sanitation and reducing the chances of accidents. You must make sure that floor is cleaned properly before food handling. You would be using mops and buckets for daily floor cleaning in the kitchen of your restaurant. Remember that soiled mops are often responsible for spreading contaminants. Store these mops on shelves instead of the floor. This would allow the equipment to stay clean and keep away pests from the floor. Always clean and properly sanitize the anti-fatigue mats. Use premium kitchen hospitality supplies that would help you in keeping your kitchen clean and sanitized.

Pest Control

Pest control must be regarded as an integral part of your regular cleaning schedule. It should be done consistently. You must examine your establishment meticulously and identify the spots that require immediate intervention and to understand your restaurant’s pest pressures.

Keep pests at bay by sealing all the potential entry points for pests. All openings around vents, drain pipes, and flues must be closed in order to make them insect and rat-proof.

Maintain Food Hygiene

Keep all foods properly covered. You must at once clean up all spills and messes. You could use a food sanitizer that is effective in cleaning the food preparation areas and effectively sanitizing the areas by removing all harmful bacteria and germs from lingering around. Keep all food products and groceries in air-tight containers. Label the containers for your convenience.

Chefs know this very well but they need reminding as they work under tremendous pressure to cater to orders. Food should never be served undercooked.  If food is not cooked properly, there is an increased possibility of harmful bacteria being consumed by you leading to food poisoning. Whenever in doubt, you must consider cutting into foods like burgers, sausages, chicken and other meats as well just to check if they are cooked properly all through.

Wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly under running water before using them. This is essential to eliminate any harmful bacteria and germs present on the surface of these food items. Food should be stored properly in refrigerators.

Odour Control

Odour control is a must if you wish to welcome more guests each day. Remember a bad odour would be attracting pests.  It is essential to dispose of garbage quickly from kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas for effective odour control. You could use a good Scents Odour Eliminator Freshener for keeping your establishment odour-free.

Keep washing your hands from time to time in the kitchen to avoid transmitting harmful bacteria and germs. Wash your hands thoroughly with a good anti-bacterial liquid soap. Wipe your hands nicely with paper towels. No cooking or prep jobs could be done without proper hand washing. Use top quality kitchen hospitality supplies for maintaining hygiene.