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Soap Dispensers

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Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner 300mL

SKU: PGP-101-822
  • Moisturising Shampoo and/or Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
  • Thirst-quenching hydration from root to tip that leaves your hair softer and sweetly-scented
  • Infused Fragrances
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5 Litre Plastic Dispenser Pumps


Pump perfect for most standard 5 litre containers with 38mm opening.

  • Works well with a wide variety of highly viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, cooking oils, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals.
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20 and 25 Litre Plastic Drum Dispenser Pumps USA Made

SKU: 20/25LPD

Dispenser Pumps suitable for 15 – 25 Litre drums.
Leak proof and made in the USA to ensure quality and long term usage.

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AQUA Foam Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Cleanser Liquid

SKU: EC-019F


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Elyptol AntiMicrobial Hand Rub / Gel or Sprays


Discover the next generation of Hand Sanitiser. Elyptol is a revolutionary next generation hand sanitiser that is developed in the US and manufactured in Australia.

Elyptol is focused on efficacy and Occupational Health and Safety and has created a product that is being accepted around the world because of what the product does for skin care and its efficacy in Hand Hygiene, currently a 99.9999% kill with a log6/7.

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Covidgen Care Sanitiser Care Range


Introducing the launch of our CovidgenCare range which consists of a Antimicrobial Surface Sanitiser & a new Dispenser System with alcohol free refill solutions that cater for all segments of users including a specially formulated sanitiser for Children & Juniors, that will bring the personal & hygiene safety to a whole new level.

CovidgenCare07 helps long-term microbial control with its patented quad-polymer invisible protective film, which ensures that all surfaces remain germ free. The film membrane does not impact how the surface is used, leaving the treated surface sanitised and safer for up to 7 days. The CovidgenCare range has gone through  comprehensive and rigorous testing processes to substantiate our efficacy claims.

The active ingredients of the solution are TGA (Department of Health Australia) registered, that is lab tested against effective kill on enveloped Virus such as Covid-19, and other germs.


Formulated from the Newgen Microbe Guard formula, CovidgenCare07 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial surface sanitiser with outstanding biocidal activity reduction.

Unlike other antibacterial or disinfectant surface sanitiser products, the CovidgenCare07 formula is non toxic, water based, alcohol free, safe to store and will not cause harm to hard surfaces or harm to the environment.

CovidgenCare24 formula is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand sanitiser with outstanding biocidal activity reduction without causing harm to our delicate and sensitive skin.

Sanitise & Protect for up to 24 hours

Formulated from the Newgen Microbe Guard formula CovidgenCare24 is a highly effective alcohol-free new generation hand sanitiser that provides maximum germ-free protection for up to 24 hours, even after rinsing your hands with water.

Proven Efficacy against a wide range of Microbes

CovidgenCare24 has been tested and proven effective against a wide range of pathogens including MERS, H9N2, H1N1, Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Dermatologically Tested

Alcohol free, non toxic and safe to use on all skin types


Sanitise & Protect for up to 24 hours

CovidgenCare24 Junior is a highly effective alcohol-free new generation hand sanitiser that provides maximum germ-free protection for up to 24 hours. Safe on the skin of children, with lasting 24 hour effect even after washing your hands

Proven Efficacy against a wide range of Microbes

CovidgenCare24 Junior has been tested and proven effective against a wide range of pathogens including MERS, H9N2, H1N1, Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin Type

CovidgenCare24 Junior is specifically formulated to protect the sensitive skin of babies and children. The sanitiser is water-based, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-toxic and has been dermatologically tested to suit sensitive skin.

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Dolphy Stainless Steel Automatic Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser 700mL


Product Name: Stainless Steel Automatic Soap-Sanitiser Dispenser 700ML
Product Code: DSDR0117
Material: 304 Stainless Steel body
Capacity: 700ML
Colour: Silver
Dimension: 22cm X 10cm X 11cm
Liquid: Gel, Soap, Conditioner, Sanitiser
Input Power: 6 pieces (AA) batteries (not includes)
Operation:  Automatic infra-red sensor technology
Drop Volume: 0.5 to 2.5 ML per one Time (Adjustable)
Key Lock System to Open or Close the Dispenser

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SABCO Professional Plastic Soap Dispenser with clear view window


Contemporary and Quality Design for your Business.

  • Quick and easy to refill
  • Contains a window that indicates soap level
  • Commercial Grade – ideal for commercial bathrooms in schools, restaurants and medical centres

600mL size dimensions: 50.5 x 44 x 47.5cm

1000mL size dimensions: 66 x 27 x 57.5cm

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RTU All Surface Sanitiser Spray 10 Litre (Effective against Coronavirus)


Food Grade, Non-Rinsing Disinfectant and Sanitiser/CIeaner

Intended use:

RTU Sanitiser LN108 is a broad spectrum sanitiser, when used correctly is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Furthermore, as can be seen below with test results, it’s main active ingredient can be effective against reducing the Novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the cause of COVID-19. The below test results confirm reduction of the virus, when used at an active 450 ppm.

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Gentility Stainless Steel Vertical Soap Dispenser 1000mL

SKU: AC-1100

Made by a durable stainless steel, this soap dispenser is great for use in commercial and industrial bathrooms.

Comes with all accessories and fittings required for wall mounting.

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Fairy Platinum Easy Dish Spray LEMON 300mL

SKU: PGP-100004

Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray dissolves tough grease without soaking and hard scrubbing. Just spray for a brilliant clean (on visible grease) in an easy way!

Uses: For dishes, kitchen utensils, sink, stove top, grill, kitchen counter (Items made of marble, copper, untreated wood, brass, brushed stainless steel or surfaces which may be prone to surface damage/discoloration), etc.

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Dolphy Automatic Soap Sanitiser Dispenser 1100mL

  • Product Name: Automatic Soap-Sanitiser Dispenser 1100ML
  • Product Code: DSDR0112
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Capacity: 1100 ML
  • Colour: White
  • Input Power: 4 pieces (AA) batteries (not includes)
  • Operation:  Automatic infra-red sensor technology
  • Drop Volume: 1.5 ML per one Time
  • Key Lock System to Open or Close the Dispenser
  • Dimension: 23.6 cm X 14 cm X 10.6 cm


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Find Soap Dispensers for your Space with Bulk Wholesale

Cleanliness is a major concern in every restaurant, school, and other establishments where people often frequent. The more the crowd, the higher the chances of possible viral infections being spread. Soap dispensers installed everywhere can help curb this spread of bacteria and germs to a great extent. You can find the best soap dispensers in Sydney, Melbourne, and a lot many places, depending on what your preference is and where you plan on having it placed or installed.

Get a read on the types of soap dispensers you can choose from and how you can choose the right dispenser for you below!

The Different types of Soap Dispensers Online

You can find a variety of soap dispensers in Melbourne and Sydney online at Bulk Wholesale with each offering its own set of benefits. Here are the two commonly opted for:

1. Manual dispensers

As the name suggests, manual dispensers function with the manual pushing on the button on the machine. With it being manual, the users can control the amount of soap dispensed.

Benefits of manual dispensers

  • With the dispensing within the user’s control, manual dispensers are perfect in areas with a large crowd where the restrooms and kitchen is frequently used
  • Is quick to use as well as convenient
  • Options such as cartridges offer multipurpose usage where one can fill in soaps, sanitisers, shampoos, lotions, and more
  • These dispensers are available in options that are compact and take up lesser space
  • Is apt for kitchens, restrooms, locker rooms, industrial spaces,
  • Available in refillable options that are economical and reduce waste
  • You can choose the kind of manual soap dispenser you would like, from ones that are available in liquid soap versions as well as ones that are compatible with foam consistency
  • Due to it being manual, there is less maintenance required as compared to automatic soap dispensers

2. Automatic dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers dispense soap automatically, reducing the contact of users with the machine. This in turn ensures there is no contamination of anything. With these being touch-less, the spread of germs and bacteria are reduced greatly.

Benefits of automatic dispensers

  • These are motion-activated, functioning once they sense the user
  • The machine dispenses just the right amount of soap required with controlled portions dispensed at every use. This also ensures that there is no wastage
  • These dispensers are battery-operated
  • Automatic dispensers are perfect for numerous soap refills, from foaming ones to other options

Choosing the Right Soap Dispenser for You

With numerous soap dispensers in wholesale available in Sydney and Melbourne, settling on one that is sure to benefit you the most can be daunting. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing the right soap dispenser for you:

  • Space

One of the things to consider while choosing a soap dispenser for your establishment or your home is to check the amount of space you have. In areas that are compact, installing a bulky dispenser would hardly give one enough space to move about.

  • Location

Apart from space, another major concern when getting soap dispensers installed is the location. Irrespective of whether the area is spacious or compact, where you have the dispenser fitted is equally vital. A common location for soap dispensers is right above the sink. However, one must ensure that there is enough space between the sink and the dispenser for comfortable and convenient usage.

  • Capacity of the dispensers

Another factor to consider while choosing soap dispensers is the capacity of the dispensers you wish to buy. For places that a large crowd frequents often or ones such as a restaurant where soap dispensers are a mandate, purchasing one with a large capacity is sure to be convenient, beneficial, and economical. For places with low traffic, smaller capacity dispensers work just as well.

  • The use of the soap dispensers

How frequently the soap dispenser is used is a vital  consideration in finding out which one is most suitable for you. For areas with a low traffic, or where the frequency of usage is low, soap dispensing bottles that can be placed beside the sink or foaming hand soaps work best. On the other hand, for places where the traffic is high, having high capacity soap dispensers are the best options to go for.

Get Soap Dispenser in Wholesale at the Best Online Portal

For people wishing to install or place dispensers in their establishments, opting for soap dispensers in wholesale at Bulk Wholesale is the best way to go. With the best soap dispensers online available to you at low costs, you can ensure that you stay within your budgets and have your preferred dispensers installed anywhere you like. Additionally, we also provide hand towel dispensers in Melbourne!

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