Hospitality Supplies: A Pre-requisite In A Hotel - Bulk Wholesale

Hospitality Supplies: A Pre-requisite In A Hotel

Hospitality Supplies: A Pre-requisite In A Hotel

by Bulk Wholesale / February 12, 2019 kitchen hospitality supplies

Hospitality Supplies - Bulk Wholesale

When it comes to organising a hotel for a host of guests that will be walking through that door and staying in its rooms, hospitality supplies should be one of the owner’s prime concerns. There are numerous places within a hotel that need supplies of some sort and each area frequently has different needs. If you’re not sure as in what supplies will be needed the most in a hotel, this supportive guide may be a life saver:

Guest Rooms

These are amongst the most essential areas in a hotel, as this is where visitors will spend most of their time and will have impressions in relation to your establishment. For the best outcomes, ensure that your rooms are equipped with the following supplies:

  • Tea & Coffee: Most hotels will offer tea and coffee amenities for their guests, which encompasses: mugs, saucers and teaspoons.
  • Glasses: Every hotel room is likely to include a couple of glasses for the guest’s convenience, specifically if they have a hotel bar.
  • Toilet Paper: This one is considered as the most essential product that every hotel room must have in plenty of supply.
  • Bins: There should be at least one bin in the bathroom of every hotel room, most will also provide one in the bedroom area.

House Keeping

Every morning and after guest check out, it is the accountability of the house keeping team to have a glance in each room and ensure that they’re clean and all set for the next coming guest. Owing to this reason, your house keeping staff must have access to the following hospitality supplies:

  • Brooms: These allow the cleaner to swiftly sweep away the dirt that may have gathered on the surfaces of the room.
  • Mops: Using this cleaners can quickly wipe down the tiled surfaces of the bathroom.
  • Garbage Bags: These are required to replace the used bags in the bins placed in the rooms, and also to collect the dirt laundry.
  • Gloves: The cleaners need this to prevent their skin from prospectively harmful chemicals and hot water that they use while cleaning.

If your hotel encompasses a restaurant or café, there are even more hospitality supplies that your staff is likely to need have access to, taking into account napkins, straws, hand towels and to name a few. If you’re operating a basic establishment, those hospitality supplies mentioned above are enough for ensuring that your visitors have a pleasant stay.