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How Paper Towels Fare Against Hand Dryers in Cost-Effectiveness

How Paper Towels Fare Against Hand Dryers in Cost-Effectiveness

by admin / March 10, 2017 Uncategorized

There are several variables which come into play when you must make a choice between hand dryers and paper towels. A few of these factors are things you as a business owner can control, such as the type of dryer or the quality of towels, there are things like cost of electricity and number of towels used which are beyond you. Here are some things to help you along.

Considerations to Be Made

The first thing you should do to accurately understand how much it would cost you to get paper towels or a dryer in the short and long term is to figure out the daily usage frequency of the washroom. The nature and size of your business come into play here, but the standard figure for medium-sized operations is about 150 to 200 per day. Next, add additional costs like maintenance and trash bags, making reasonable and realistic estimates.

Paper Towels

A paper towel dispenser that you may use in public toilets in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth, is really a small initial investment because they are quite cheap. Surprisingly, however, the ongoing expenses can surpass this amount quite quickly. The cost varies from brand to brand and also in terms of quality and size. Restrooms which get medium levels of usage are likely to go through a single package of paper towels every day, not to mention miscellaneous costs like maintenance and trash bags. There is a large likelihood of wastage and also the fact that most people take two towels to dry their hands and also mistakenly pull out extra towels. These all add up to the costs incurred. You will have to invest in cleaning too for the discarded or fallen towels.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are significantly more expensive to purchase and get installed than installing a normal paper towel dispenser in food handling industry or public restrooms in Sydney. The cost of operation depends on efficiency and also cost per unit of electricity expended in your area. Typical hand dryers consume about 0.03 kWh with every use. Factoring in the average cost across the country per kWh and the number of uses, you are likely to pull big savings over paper towels every month. You can recoup the cost of purchase in much less than a year, thus making it quite economical. This all entirely depends on the cost and use, though, and things could get rather nasty if you don’t end up with a good machine.

Smart Spending

There isn’t much you can save while buying a paper towel dispenser in Sydney because of how cheap they already are, but in the long term, you could consider buying less expensive towels in bulk. When it comes to hand dryers, you have to shell out more money to get a better quality, longer-lasting, and energy-efficient machine, but you can rest assured that this cost will be recovered soon. The operating cost of these good machines is around 90% less than that of standard dryers, which makes them ideal for situations where they are used a lot. In the end, it comes down to which you deem better for you in the long run, having made all the necessary considerations.