All you need to know about Bulk Wholesale - Bulkwholesale

All you need to know about Bulk Wholesale

All you need to know about Bulk Wholesale

by admin / February 2, 2015 Article

As the name suggests Bulk Wholesale is an online provider of cleaning products in bulk all over Australia.What makes us different from other industry players? Our experience and reasonable prices of the products. We have been in this industry for over 20 years manufacturing a range of chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants, laundry powders, car cleaning supplies, hospitality cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning supplies. We possess the capacities to offer reasonable prices as we deal with the customers directly without the cost of any middlemen.

We are unique because:

  • Our cleaning supplies are Australian-made. They are manufactured and distributed from our warehouse in Melbourne to other parts of the country. Locally-made products also include toilet tissues and hand towels.
  • Cleaning machinery are sourced from all over the world to ensure best quality.
  • We ship to around 1000 pallets every month in Australia.
  • Bulk Wholesales’ clients operate in the industries of hotels, coffee shops / bakeries, contract cleaners, restaurants, dry cleaners, car detailing, airlines, government departments, schools / universities and construction.
  • We have established a goodwill for products that are used for domestic cleaning as well.
  • We carry major brands such as Oates, Livi, Kimberly Clark, Envy, White King and Country life among the many others.
  • We believe in innovation and offering our customers with the latest products. Hence, we offer our customers six new products every month on our website.
  • Our website also offers six specials every month.
  • Our team is always at our customers’ service. We offer to help customers with buying the right product depending on their cleaning needs.

Our customer reviews serve as a testament to our claims of ensuring the best quality products at reasonable rates which are delivered fast. Satisfied customers of Bulk Wholesale have used the words ‘excellent’ and ‘quick delivery’ to describe their experiences while doing business with us. Every house has cleaning needs, and when cleaning is spoken about, you can’t miss Bulk Wholesale. To shop online, please visit:

For any other queries, call us at: (03) 9351-1254.