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Paper Towels / Hand Towels / Roll Towels

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LIVI Basics 1 Ply Hand Towels 200’s / 20 units per carton (23x23cm)

SKU: 7200

Hand drying simplicity – Cost effective drying in high volume facilities – Use in LIVI dispensers

  • Hand towel
  • 200 sheets
  • 1 ply
  • 34gsm
  • Sheet size 230 x 230 mm
  • Embossed
  • White virgin pulp
  • 20 packs / carton
  • 36 cartons / pallet
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Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $56.50.

Handee Ultra Kitchen Towel 2 Ply Highly Absorbent

SKU: 2264193

The ever popular Handee Ultra is here at Bulkwholesale

Handee Ultra paper towel super absorbent and ultra strong wet or dry. Specially selected fibres within the paper towel are made to interlock, creating both greater strength and a sponge-like structure for maximum absorption.

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Original price was: $38.50.Current price is: $29.95.

Quality 1ply Ultraslim Hand Towels x 2400 sheets per carton

SKU: Q-11240U

24cm×23.5cm×1ply Ultraslim Towel

150sheeets/pack (Individually wrapped)

16 packs per carton

2,400 sheets per carton

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Original price was: $45.80.Current price is: $37.50.

Livi Everyday Hand Towel Roll 80 metre x 16 rolls

SKU: 7202


• For everyday use • Embossed for extra absorbency • 100% virgin fibre

Reorder Code 7202
Format Roll Towel
Sheet width 180mm
Roll diameter 125mm
Sheets per roll N/A
Roll length 80m
Ply 1
Embossed Curve

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Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $51.80.
LIVI Essentials 1 Ply 80 Metre Paper Roll Towels

LIVI Essentials 1 Ply 80 metre Paper Roll Towels / 16 units per carton

SKU: 120

Livi 80 metre paper roll towels allows you to dry hands in no time with its quality thick paper to absorb moisture without falling apart. Comes with 16 rolls per carton – 100 metre rolls also available. Dispensers available upon request.

  • Roll towel
  • 80 metres
  • 1 ply
  • 37gsm
  • Sheet width 178mm
  • Roll diameter 125mm
  • Embossed
  • White virgin pulp
  • 16 rolls/ carton
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Original price was: Price: $75.00 – $85.90.Current price is: $66.50 – $70.10.

Gentility Ultraslim Paper Hand Towels (150 sheets x 16 packs) 2400 sheets per carton

SKU: AC-3399

Ultra slim hand towel, 38 gsm, virgin mix paper, 150 sheets per pack, 16 packs per carton

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Original price was: $43.50.Current price is: $35.50.

Provada HACCP Approved Heavy Duty Cloth Wipes Roll (Available in 4 colours)


Quality HACCP Approved Commercial Cloth Wipes

Suitable for all industries.

The Quality wipes are colour coded to suit every requirement without cross-contamination.

Each roll consists of 90 sheets (45 metres) and a sheet size of 30 x 50cm.

Super absorbent, machine washable and Chemical and Odour free.

Available in Blue, Red, Yellow or Green

HACCP Approved

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Original price was: Price: $22.00.Current price is: $16.80.

Gentility Compact Hand Towel TAD (2,400 sheets per carton)

SKU: AC-0025

The TAD Process avoids pressing drying method. ?Instead, removing water first by vacuum and then passing hot air through the sheet makes the drying process more gentle and smooth.

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Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $44.00.
Livi Basics Ultraslim Paper Hand Towels 1 ply 150 sheets

Livi Basics Ultraslim Paper Hand Towels 1 ply 150 sheets x 16

SKU: 7201

BASIC savings with new ultraslim towel!
Available now* – the all NEW Livi® BASICS ultraslim towel.

  • Livi® quality guarantee – user satisfaction & cost-in-use savings
  • Individually wrapped 150 towel packs
  • New ‘Soft-touch’ embossing, 1ply
  • Suitable with Livi® dispenser (5506)

Livi® BASICS ultraslim towel is made from 100% virgin fiber and certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and HACCP Australia.
Clean simplicity for a busy world. Interleaved sheets (230mm x 240mm).

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Original price was: $57.80.Current price is: $44.50.

Livi Essentials Commercial Cloth Wipes 90’s – HACCP Approved

SKU: 600

Fresh presentation in your modern Bathroom.

Available in Blue, Green, Red, Coffee Brown or Anti-Bacterial Yellow.

90 sheets per roll. Colour coded to suit different areas of cleaning.

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Original price was: Price: $25.00 – $27.00.Current price is: $19.00 – $19.80.

Gentility Multifold Interleaved Hand Towels ~ 4000 sheets per carton

SKU: AC-4000N

Gentility Interleaved Hand Towel AC-4000N

1ply 23X23cm
250 Sheet per pack
16 Packs per carton

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Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $46.50.

Kleenex VIVA Multi Use Cleaning Towel Twin Pack, White, 60sheets/roll, 6 twin pk per case

SKU: 44301
  • One roll contains 60 sheets, one case contains 6 twin packs (12 rolls in total)
  • Kleenex® VIVA® kitchen towels are designed with new tough wave texture
  • Each towel is made using the highly absorbent and quick drying Airflex® technology
  • The durable Kleenex® VIVA® kitchen towels are suitable for all types of everyday cleaning tasks
  • Each FSC certified towel contains a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC fibres
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Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $39.95.


Paper or hand towels are actually handy. They can be claimed as ultra-absorbent, convenient, biodegradable, sanitary as well as recyclable. Without any surprises, paper and hand towels are commonly used item that is bought online for use in the home and office setting.

When it comes to kitchen or restroom setting, paper towels are considered much better than regular dishcloths or hand towels as different people prefer drying their hands or wipe something up in the home and office setting. Often sharing of towels result in spreading of germs and bacteria. Owing to this reason, a roll of towels is said to be a cleanlier option.

Above all, roll of towels is considered being more hygienic in comparison of shared hand or dishtowels, many paper towels are also eco-friendly. Certain available products are green products that are made from recycled materials and they are unbleached and chlorine free. Such products are bleached and safe for the environment.

Paper towels are readily available online and you can also buy them in bulk at an affordable price than in the local supermarket. It is because numerous websites offer low prices. They are proficient enough to offer discounted prices on bulk products as they don’t have to go through numerous overhead charges that a supermarket or department has to, like security, air-conditioning, high insurance, electricity, premises rental, cashiers, stocking products and among other charges. An online store need not pay any of these, so these online shopping options can provide you with lower prices. Owing to this reason, people prefer shopping on the Internet for discount for their regular needs for sanitary products.

Online stores are also known for offering bulk purchases offers on products. Bulk purchases offers are not a common stuff at grocery stores and you’re supposed to be a part of various shopping “clubs” in order to buy most items in bulk at membership warehouses. On the contrary, online stores often provide volume based pricing without you having to join a membership club to have the best prices. All you need to do is browse the best online store that has a large variety of these paper products so that you have variety of choices that suit your needs.

A good and sound janitorial supplies store is likely to provide you with numerous facial tissue, hand towels, paper towels, paper napkins and other products available at discounted prices and also wholesale offers. This in turn help cut the costs with each purchase.  And obviously, if you use paper towel or hand towel, there must be a dispenser too. Paper towel dispenser are able to hold one large roll, two large institutional rolls or some other configuration. For bathroom or washroom that have spare space, installing dual paper towel dispenser can be considered as a better option. Choose from massive range of paper towel dispenser online from Bulk Wholesale Brisbane or Sydney.

Bulk Wholesale have a wide variety of quality paper hand towel dispensers available for you to select from. There are two main types paper hand towels that are basically used in homes or in commercial settings: C-fold paper hand towels and Centrefeed rolls, these both types of papers are popular and widely available.

C-fold paper towel dispensers are usually used by schools, hospitals, dental practices, doctor’s surgeries and in office across Sydney and Brisbane. While, centrefeed rolls are commonly used in catering and workshop settings, owing to their quality of allowing long paper rolls to be pulled off, making the roll perfect for cleaning surfaces and for drying hands and face. You can also prefer a multi-fold paper towel dispenser which is also widely used by people. So, if next time you need paper products for your home or office setting, ensure to search the internet for online discount stores for great prices on eco-friendly products.

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