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Contractor Garbage Bags Bin Liners from 18 to 240 Litre


High Quality Heavy Duty Contractor Bin Liners designed to carry everyday rubbish. In a range of sizes, we are sure to have the bin liner size to suit your needs. High Density and available in a core roll or flat packs. If you don’t see a size that suits your needs, check out our range of Premium and Degradable Bin Liners too. Sizes vary from 18 Litre to 240 Litre.


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Degradable Enviro Green Garbage Bags Bin Liners


Take care of the environment with the latest Degradable Bin Liners. Strong and Durable
Environmental Range is made of high quality virgin HDPE Material.

We have added the EPI additive to the film to ensure correct
breakdown of our bags. We also have used the latest technology in Bio
Degradable Compostable to meet AS4736-2006 Standards.

A great way to keep our environment safe and clean. Do the right thing.

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Disposable HDPE/LDPE White Aprons x 500 aprons per carton


Two back ties, head loop , High water resistance. Protects against water based liquids, mild acids and bases, bodily fluids, particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust, grease and grime Lightweight

500 pcs per ctn

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Medical and Clinical Waste Bags High Density


Seperate your medical waste to increase safety

All contaminated waste bags are made from a mixture of low linear density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and ethyl-butylene-polyethylene. This combination gives more strength than bags of the same thickness utilising only one of these polyethylenes. These bags contain organic colouring and no toxic by-products are given off after burning. We supply most sizes to fit small to large bins.

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Metal Lobby Pan Dust Set

  • Industrial strength metal pan
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Folding pan with lid to minimize spillage
  • comes with broom
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Natural Star Sealed Clear Bin Liners Available from 55 to 240 Litre


Introducing the new range of sturdy bin liners. The ‘Natural’ range of bin liners are between 25 – 40 microns.

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Premium Heavy Duty Bin Liners from 55 Litre to 240 Litre


Too much weight going in to the rubbish? Then you need Premium Bin Liners

Premium bin liners are made from thicker plastic than the average contractor bags. The Premium range is suitable to carry heavy rubbish such as bottles, food trays and more. We have a range of sizes for you to choose from.
Available also in Rolls (LTR range) as well as Extra Heavy Duty (EHD range) which is a very sturdy 40 microns of thickness.
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Shark Bins 80 Litre Push-in Lid Tidy Bin


Heavy-duty plastic with push-in lid
80 litres capacity
H. 76 x D. 44cm

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Choosing the Right Garbage Bag

So you’re in search of garbage bags. Seems simple enough, right? That’s not true. In queue of the garbage bag aisle, you will soon find yourself barraged with lots of choices, all which appear pretty similar. You finally got your odour shield, odour block, odour lock. Then there’s the supplications of statements flaunting each bag’s strength: additionally strong, decisive, 3-ply strength, reliable strength. Just going through product boxes won’t do much good for you as they don’t possess much useful information. Just glorified claims.

So now the question is how do you choose the right garbage bag? Another question what’s this garbage bag going to be used for? Lawn care? Kitchen waste? Bathrooms? Office? Recycling? The bag you require will be based on what you require the bag for. If you don’t have answer to this question, you’re actually throwing your money. You might regret wasting your money on a much more costly, thicker bag when all you basically required was a less pricey, thinner bag or a petite bag and thereby wasting money on additional material. Now that you’ve decided as in how you are going to use your trash bag. That’s great! Next, you must think about if you need your garbage bag to be sturdy, resilient to punctures and tears, and also be able to expanse under a big load. This particular factor is likely to decide how thick or thin your garbage bag needs to be.

Thickness of the garbage bag

Garbage bag’s thickness is usually measured in mil, which is equal to one thousand of an inch [001]. These kinds of garbage bags are termed as low density or linear low density. Majority of the garbage bags you’ll discover in shops will range between 70-90 mil. This measurement is mentioned on the front of the box. If you’re buying a kitchen garbage bag, and you’re throwing in standard trash fare of milk cartons, leftovers, cereals boxes, old fruit and to a name few, then a 90 mil bag is likely to serve you better.


If you require a bag that must stretch enough to carry a heavy-duty load instead of surviving punctures or tears, then a thinner bag is likely to meet your needs. These sort of bags are titled as high density and are clear bags you will find in office restroom often. These bags are not much expensive as against their thicker, low density cousin.


Though garbage bags can be bought in a rainbow of colours, black garbage bags and white bags surely govern the spectrum. White garbage bags are the most common ones as they merge well with their surrounding and are not invasive. On the contrary, black garbage bags are use basically to hide what’s in your bag and blend well with stainless steel cans. Colours do determine price.


There’s nothing much you can do about malodorous waste, apart from throwing it away. However numerous bags vender odour blocking traits, they’re not going to put on much fight against ruined cheese or fungus coated pasta salad. You are better off dusting the inside of your garbage bags with economical baking soda instead of spending that additional money.


Stunningly, price is not much considerable factor when buying garbage bags. There is not an abundant incongruity between the costs of garbage bags you’ll find in outlets. Price only becomes a major factor when you’re buying in bulk quantities. Or else, it’s better not to choose a garbage bag on the basis of price. Spending few additional cents to obtain a denser, stouter bag may protect you from sparing time cleaning up those coffee grounds, yogurt and previous night’s lasagna.


The final component in your garbage bag quest is likely to be as in what type of closure you want. Drawstring, twist tie or flap ties. People usually prefer the drawstring. It’s useful in gripping the can and brands for a swift and easy tie. Flap ties can be good for larger garbage bags. Plus, they are not much expensive as compared to drawstring bags.

Not much known factor

After all the above mentioned factors are considered, there’s one definite factor that’s often overlooked by us…our FAMILY. Does your kid drag your garbage bag over the drive to the curb leaving behind a trail of waste so that he can find his way back home? Are you supposed to keep the local raccoons from having a meal at your house every night? Does your trash bag is supposed to survive two ton force of your husband’s size twelve shoe as he packs down the garbage to fit twice much in? If your reply was “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, you might have to re-think your garbage bag buying all together.

Buy garbage bags, can liners and bin liners online from Bulk Wholesale at wholesale prices in Melbourne.

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