ESSENTIALS RANGE (Affordable Quality)

ESSENTIALS RANGE (Affordable Quality)

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Livi Essentials Hypo-Allergenic Facial Tissues 90’s 2 ply Cube x 24 per carton

SKU: 1304

Be prepared this season with Livi® hypoallergenic facial tissues. Soft, hypoallergenic, 2ply, 90 sheet facial tissue cube is now available from Livi® Essentials. No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin* Save space and maintain hygiene standards with a minimalistic cube pack. Quality assured. 100% virgin fibre and PEFC certified. Australiana inspired limited edition floral print.

24 inner boxes per carton

Price: $35.95 $32.30

LIVI Essentials Interleaved 2 Ply Toilet Tissues 250 sheet / 36 units per carton

SKU: 1006

Softer commercial paper in convenient packs
Use with LIVI interleave dispensers

  • Interleave toilet tissue
  • 250 sheets per pack
  • 2 ply
  • 15 gsm
  • Sheet size 10.6 x 20cm
  • No emboss
  • White virgin pulp
  • 36 packs/ carton
  • 48 cartons / pallet
Price: $48.00 $43.25

LIVI Essentials Kitchen Towels 240 sheets 2 Ply x 12 rolls

SKU: 1400

Fresh presentation for commercial kitchens and on site catering. Perforated sheets for controlled tearing. Use with LIVI dispensers or on spindle.

Reorder Code: 1400
Kitchen roll towel
240 sheets
2 ply
Sheet size 225 x 215mm
Roll diameter 130mm
White virgin pulp
12 packs/ carton
40 cartons / pallet

Price: $59.00 $42.60

Livi Essentials Premium Roll Towel 1 ply 200 metre x 6 rolls

SKU: 1204

New Livi Essentials Premium paper roll towels allows you to dry hands in no time with its quality, thick and embossed paper to absorb moisture without falling apart. Made specifically for use within the MAXI Autocut Roll Towel Dispenser. Works out to 740 sheets per roll with Autocut dispensing. Each sheet size is 205mm and a roll diameter of 180mm.  Dramatically reduces wastage of paper by up to 25%. Individually wrapped and comes with 6 units per outer.

More towel on a roll, more savings in high traffic areas

All new from Livi®, the stylish auto-cut system delivers reliable and efficient ‘paper-on-demand’ dispensing;

  • Economical 200m roll towel
  • High GSM ply with performance grade Dot emboss
  • 100% virgin fibre, PEFC certified
  • Pre-controlled ‘one-sheet-at-a-time’ dispensing
  • Elegant design in pearl white
  • Impact resistant unit with universal lock system
Price: $95.00 $90.00

LIVI Essentials Quality Jumbo Toilet Rolls – 2ply 300m or 1ply 600m


Use with LIVI single or twin jumbo dispensers

  • Jumbo toilet roll
  • 600 metres (1ply) or 300 metres (2ply)
  • 19 gsm
  • Sheet width 9cm
  • Roll diameter 242mm
  • No emboss
  • White virgin pulp
  • 8 rolls/ carton
  • 40 cartons / pallet
Price: $57.00 $44.65$45.95

Livi Interleaved (Multifold and Ultraslim) Hand Towel Dispenser

SKU: 5506

Fresh presentation in your modern bathroom.

Price: $60.00 $50.85

Livi Interleaved Toilet Tissue Dispenser – Pearl White

SKU: 5503

A high impact dispenser to deliver Interleaved Toilet tissues in a clean and simple design to match most decors. Livi Dispensers help control usage, keep your facility tidy and are lockable to avoid pilferage. Also comes with a universal key.

Price: $45.00 $38.15

Livi Single Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser – Pearl White

SKU: 5504

Fresh presentation in your modern bathroom

Made for high capacity and a durable design. Lockable with keys. The dispenser is teethed for a clean sheet tear-off. With check-for-refill visibility to minimise run outs. Easy to use with quick access for servicing staff. Pearl White – 265mm (L) x 130mm (W) x 275mm (H). Suitable for Livi Jumbo Toilet Rolls. Re-order: 5504


Price: $55.00 $35.90
Price: $35.00 $19.40

Livi Toilet Hygiene Seals x 500 units per carton

SKU: 3008

A nicely presented Toilet Hygiene Seal printed with ‘Sanitised for your protection’.

Great for cleaners to use in upmarket buildings once they have cleaned and sanitised the toilets or for use in hotels.

Gives people the assurance that the toilet has just been thoroughly cleaned.

50mm in width x 650mm in length per sheet and comes with 500 sheets per pack.


Price: $32.50 $21.75

Livi Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser (Tower)

SKU: 5500

The Livi Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser provides a tower style design that allows for convenience when restocking toilet paper in company bathrooms. It is easy to see when the toilet paper is running low, making bathroom maintenance easier and faster so employees can move on to other tasks.


Price: $42.00 $35.20

Toilet Roll Dispenser (Side-by-side) Livi Twin – 5502

SKU: 5502

The Livi Twin toilet roll dispenser gives your business convenience and reduces the frequency of toilet paper replacement. With two rolls in one dispenser, paper will last longer.

Price: $45.00 $35.20
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