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Germs can be found on any object that comes in contact with an infected person and some microbes can live up to 5 months on a dry surface. For this reason, it is important to disinfect all medical clinic equipment and supplies. Disinfecting something means cleaning it with medical clinic supplies to destroy microbes using different antiseptic solutions or disinfectants.

The cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surfaces using medical cleaning supplies are processes that are aimed at minimizing the transmission of infections in clinical or hospital environments. So, here is a guide on cleaning the four most important areas within the clinic using medical grade cleaning supplies: Office, surgical chamber, toilets and common areas.

Office area:

For the cleaning in the workstations, we should use microfiber cloths for dust and furniture and a multi-surface dust collector or a cleaner with bio-alcohol that has rapid evaporation and leaves a pleasant clean smell.

In floors, if the surface is sufficiently wide and clear, you can use flat mops to collect the dust and regular mops for washing available in our medical cleaning supplies. The crystals must be cleaned with a glass cleaner with bio-alcohol because it has to evaporate quickly to leave no traces. You will also need to replace garbage bags for waste collection in wastebaskets.

Surgical area:

Normally cleaning and sterilization techniques are used for the surgical instruments using medical clinic supplies. The surgical area is the most sensitive and disinfecting and bactericidal cleaners should be used with biocide registration on a day-to-day basis, it is very important to use differentiated wipes by colours so as not to mix surfaces.

Common areas:

In the common areas and waiting rooms, depending on their size or extension, you can use multifunction cleaning carts to facilitate the task of the cleaning worker.

Like the office areas, bio-alcohol cleaners should be used for furniture and flat mops for cleaning floors. In this area the setting is very important because it transmits a good image of our business to the customers, we recommend here using an automatic dosing air freshener from the medical clinic supplies since they are the most practical, efficient and comfortable in creating a fresh ambience.

Bathrooms and toilets:

Bathrooms and toilets must always be clean at all times. Use chlorinated cleaners from our medical cleaning supplies as they disinfect and leave a pleasant and non-irritating odour like. It can also be used on floors as well. Also, use gloves to protect your hands from chemical products.

All the above-mentioned medical clinic supplies are easily available at, So, if you require any kind of assistance or advice on selecting the right medical cleaning supplies in Melbourne or Sydney, visit us online at or stop by at our stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Victoria.

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