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Reduce Your OH&S Risk and Liability
Dual Umbrella Bagging Station – A must in your lobby entry!
The new dual shute station is designed to handle both small and large umbrellas. Extra large loading capacity of 2000 uses per load.

Assess the Benefits:
Less Water on Floors = Less Risk Hazard Quickly and conveniently bags wet umbrellas

  •  Reduces slippery floor conditions during wet periods
  •  Reduces potential damage to carpets, fixtures and fittings
  •  Reduces floor maintenance during wet periods
  •  Increases customer satisfaction by solving the “wet umbrella problem”
  •  Potentially reduces liability claims arising from slips and falls due to wet floors.


The umbrella station is a non-electric mobile machine that is positioned at the entrance of any commercial building with the aim of preventing customers and staff entering the building dripping water from their wet umbrellas during rainy days.

By reducing water droplets falling and being traipsed into the lobby, lifts and other parts of the building, you would be contributing to a safer public environment and potentially saving someone from harm and injury.
When people with wet umbrellas enter your premises, they would be encouraged to use the umbrella station by inserting their wet umbrella into one of the two shutes catering for small or large umbrellas. Once inserted, a waterproof polybag is automatically wrapped around the umbrella preventing water from dripping on to the floor.

Refill Bags:

Long = 72 x 14 cm x 1000 bags

Short = 40 x 14 cm x 1000 bags

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Dual Umbrella Bagging Station – A must in your entry lobby!

Price: $299.00$1,750.00 $143.99$1,375.00


Dual Umbrella Bagging Station – Reduce OH&S Risk & Liability Reduce your OH&S Risk and Liability – Less water on floors = Less Risk Hazard The new dual shute station is designed to handle both small and large umbrellas. Extra large loading capacity of 2000 uses per load. Quickly and conveniently bags wet umbrellas.

Stainless Steel (Polished)Stainless Steel (Satin Look)Powder Coated BlackLarge Bags Refill x 1000Small Bags Refill x 1000
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