KeyNew SC3 Coating Master 100mL

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KEYNEW SC3 Coating Master

Why Choose SC3 Coating Master?

Easy to use, perfect for professional or DIY

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KEY NEW SC3 Coating Master

Why Choose SC3 Coating Master?

Easy to use, perfect for professional or DIY

Amazing deep gloss on car paint

Protection against UV, oxidation, bugs, bird droppings and tree sap

Heat resistant up to 340 °C Up to three years protection

Very smooth and slick surface producing better aerodynamics

How It Works 

When applied, the SC3 Coating Master will bond to your vehicle’s paint through a covalent chemical bond. The chemical reaction that occurs between SC3 Coating Master and the paint literally transforms the coating and make it part of the paint, which is harder and more resilient than before. SC3 Coating Master has much higher surface tension and causes water to sheet off instead of beading.

SC3 Coating Master has very wide range of applications. 

Paint protection on cars, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft

Sporting goods such as skiing equipment, water sports equipment

Prevent staining on marble or other stone bench top

The treated surfaces on household items very easy to clean, even finger prints on stainless steel appliances, electronic devices or musical instruments.

Also works on fiberglass, carbon fibre, glass, plastic, chrome, aluminium, and all metal alloy, exhaust pipes, wheels and rims, headlights and many more.

SC3 Coating Master is very easy to use while producing the amazing deep gloss on car paint like a professional. This new layer has the ability to filter out over 98% of UV rays and to block out air oxidation, corrosion and damage from everyday environmental contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings and tree sap that always seem to find their way onto your vehicle. It expand and contract with wide temperature range up to 340°C without cracking or peeling. SC3 coating master creates a surface so smooth and slick that the air-drag coefficient of your vehicle will be significantly reduced, actually making your vehicle more aerodynamic.

A bottle is approximately for 2 mid-size sedans.

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