Vital Living Earth 100% Natural Silica Food Supplement 90g

Vital Living Earth 100% Natural Silica Food Supplement 90g


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VLE150 hit the market in late May of this year and is making waves in the Beauty Industry!




VLE150 hit the market in late May of this year and is making waves in the Beauty Industry!


VLE150 is the only 100% Natural Silica Product on the Market in Australia.
VLE150 has the highest efficacy in the World ranging from 96%-99% Pure Natural Silica
VLE150 can be mixed with any consumable Liquid. Cannot react with any liquid as is non Chemical.


Promotes Collagen Connectivity
Promotes Elasticity in Skin
Promotes Healthier and Shinier Hair and Nails.
Customer gets three months’ supply in a bottle 90grams powder with a minimum of 86.5% Grams of Pure Natural Silica.
Contains up to 4% Natural Smectite in which studies around the World have shown amazing results in alleviating Diarrhea symptoms in Children.

How Cheap are we?

Did you know that our Competitors inferior Silica Products are much more expensive in comparison to efficacy. Competitor’s Major Silica Brand only contains 13.9 Grams of Silica per bottle and the RR is $53.99

That means the consumer would need to spend $335.98 on competitors’ Silica Products to gain the same efficacy as our VLE150.

Natural Silica Discoveries.
1-aalum pjfl

Vital Silica and Brain Health
Alzheimer’s & Aluminum Link Can No Longer Be Ignored – Pam Jones
For serious Alzheimer’s disease, the following chelating agents can be helpful:

-Silica-rich water, such as Fiji water,which contains 83 Mg of silica per liter. Research published in 2013 showed that drinking up to one liter of a silicon-rich mineral water daily for 12 weeks effectively excreted aluminum via the urine, without detrimental effects on essential metals such as iron and copper. According to the authors: “We have provided preliminary evidence that over 12 weeks of silicon-rich mineral water therapy the body burden of aluminum fell in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and, concomitantly, cognitive performance showed clinically relevant improvements in at least 3 out of 15 individuals.

Research shows that the accumulation of aluminum in the tissues of the body is directly linked to the onset of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease.
Research also shows that Vital Silica helps to remove heavy metals from the body. Moreover, there is evidence that shows that a deficiency of Vital Silica can cause aluminum to accumulate in the tissues of the body, including the brain. (Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord; 1(2):83-9)
This preliminary study was undertaken to investigate the effect of dietary silicon and aluminum on levels of these elements in brain. Two ages of rats, 22 day and 10 month, were assigned to 1 of 4 diets: 1) low silicon; 2) low silicon plus aluminum; 3) silicon supplemented; and 4) silicon supplemented plus aluminum. Rats were 23 and 28 months old upon termination of the experiment. Twelve brain regions were analyzed for silicon and aluminum. Regional variations in silicon, which were independent of dietary silicon supplementation, suggest that silicon may be an essential element in brain. Aluminum supplementation decreased the silicon content in selected brain regions, including those thought to be involved in Alzheimer disease. A relationship has been established between silicon, aluminum and age. In 23-month rats, aluminum supplementation did not increase brain aluminum content. By contrast, in 28-month rats, aluminum supplementation of the low silicon diet increased brain aluminum content in most regions. No increase occurred in silicon supplemented groups of the same age. Dietary silicon supplementation thus appeared to be protective against aluminum accumulation in aging brain.

(C) Lippincott-Raven Publishers.

Reduces the Effect of Diarhea
Up to 4% Smectite traces found in Vital Living Earth 100% Natural Silica.
Smectite is a Natural Element and studies conducted by The C.S.I.R.O in Australia have shown that Vital Living Earth 100% Natural Silica contains an average of up to 4% Smectite.
Smectite has been found to adsorb viruses, bacteria, and bacterial toxins, thus protecting the intestinal mucosa.
Most of the clinical studies in table 4​4 were relatively small and only one was obviously blinded.
However, they consistently showed the efficacy of smectite in reducing the duration of diarrhoea.
In children with acute diarrhoea rehydrated with oral rehydration solution, smectite may shorten the duration of diarrhoea by about 20–50%. No significant side effects were observed.
Considering the safety, tolerance and antidiarrhoeal activity of smectite, it is worth a try in the treatment of acute diarrhoea in children.
We knew that Vital Living Earth 100% Natural Silica worked well in reducing Diarrhoea symptoms and now we know why!
Feel free to checkout the Medical Journal on Smectite below.
Oral smectite appears to be effective at shortening the duration of diarrhoea in children with acute diarrhoea rehydrated with oral rehydration solution

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