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Some Car Detailing Tricks & Secrets You Would Love to Know

Some Car Detailing Tricks & Secrets You Would Love to Know

by admin / March 10, 2017 Car Detailing Products

Keeping your car sparkling clean and shining radiantly have got nothing to do with vanity; it is nothing but smart car ownership. You must take care of your vehicle’s appearance. You could learn a few car detailing secrets to do it yourself or else you could employ the services of a competent and professional auto detailer. Never hire a detailer without asking a number of questions and assessing him well.  Always ask for references. Go through sample work. You must get a written contract including the agreed price before the detailing project starts. Now you have easy access to car detailing products online that are of very high quality.

Thanks to the Internet, today there is free and easy access to information regarding useful DIY tricks and tools. The most crucial thing that you would need for a successful car detailing project is nothing but hard work coupled with elbow grease. The most competent detailer could get fabulous results with decent products; however, the worst detailer would not be getting decent results by using even the best products. You can now buy good car detailing products that are available online and would be helping you get fantastic results. We have been able to collect some top secrets which would guide you toward professional results, help you to make the entire detailing exercise easier, fun, and successful.

Always Use a Couple of Buckets for Washing

Expert detailers understand that the two-bucket approach is the most effective way of cleaning the vehicle’s exterior.  You must consider using one bucket for holding your clean suds. The second bucket should be kept for holding clean water. This way before you are dipping your cleaning mitt straight into the bucket containing the clean suds, you could consider rinsing it off at first in the bucket containing the clean water and then wringing it dry. This way you would be going on putting a relatively clean mitt only in the bucket having clean suds.

Use Task-Specific Microfiber

We are experiencing the microfiber revolution. Professional detailers would be using microfiber cloths that are colour-coded as per task specifications for achieving more efficiency, reduce scratching and friction, and definitely, much easier washing or rinsing or even drying. Use a small quantity of detergent. Avoid the fabric softener that would be coating the fibres and inhibiting microfiber’s quality.

Use a Trim Protectant First

Experts suggest that you must use a trim protectant before you start waxing your paint. This would be effective in repelling wax and polish that might be staining your trim.

Use a Buffer for Product Application & a Towel for Removal

You must use the buffer for applying the wax. You could then use a soft dry towel or any other dry and soft cloth for removing the wax. This way you could successfully avoid damaging your car’s clear coat or burning the paint. You will be able to apply a thin and even wax coating. Browse the Internet for effective car detailing products that could be ordered online.

Dry Your Glass Preferably in Two Directions

This is a fantastic car detailing secret. You must always dry your car’s glass preferably in two directions. The interior glass should be wiped in the horizontal direction while the final wipe on your car’s exterior glass must be in a vertical direction. If you then come across a streak, you would know automatically, whether it is present on the outside or the inside of the glass. You are sure to get a clear glass.