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Some Smart Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Some Smart Kitchen Cleaning Tips

by admin / January 22, 2016 Cleaning supplies

Everyone has a hot-favourite spot in their home. For many of you, kitchen is your favourite place in the entire house as you love to see your family talk and enjoy a hearty meal together. It is not only important to keep your kitchen clean to prevent germs, infection and diseases, but also, to help it look warm and inviting. Kitchen cleaning could be a pretty daunting task. But if you are organized and if you use the right cleaning products, you are on the right track. Break the kitchen cleaning process into manageable sections. Play your favourite music in the background and you would soon be enjoying the task.

Keep Kitchen Counter Tops Sparkling Clean

Once you are done with cooking, you must make it a point to clean the counter top daily. Remember to use a sponge and an effective cleaner to make it squeaky clean. You could use detergent-based wipes as well for quick and easy cleaning. Wipe the counter top dry either with a clean and dry rag, Microfiber Cloths or some paper towels. You could use some good quality kitchen hospitality supplies that are specifically suitable for your type of counter top. Keep some de-greasing products, disposable wipes, food sanitisers and anti-bacterial sprays always handy in your kitchen.

Wall Splatters Should Be Wiped Away Daily

Usually there are two types of stains on your kitchen walls- water-borne and oil stains. For water-borne stains, all you need to do is to use a paper towel or wet cloth to remove wine, mustard, ketchup or Jell-O stains. For all kinds of oily stains including those resulting from cooking grease, you could use detergent-based wipes or mild dishwashing soap and rinse it with water.

Keep the Kitchen Floor Squeaky Clean

You must start by sweeping the kitchen floor using a broom and a dustpan. You must sweep away all dust particles, garbage and crumbs lying on the floor before deep cleansing the floor. Mopping your kitchen floor whenever necessary helps to keep the floor squeaky clean. Use a nice mop and some soapy water for deep cleaning the kitchen floor. A 3-wheel Mop Bucket with Wringer could be a good choice for deep cleaning your kitchen floor. The convenient spin wheels and the long-lasting handle are extremely effective in making your cleaning exercise easy and manageable.

Clean the Stove with a Lot of Care Daily

After each cooking session you should make it a habit to wipe the stove with soap and sponge or alternatively, you could use detergent-based wipes that are bio-degradable and also, alcohol-free for quick and easy cleaning. Always clean up grease spills instantaneously. Use Scourer Sponge for removing grime and dirt efficiently and quickly.

Daily Sink Cleaning Is a Must

You must make it a habit of wiping the basin and the sink fixtures. You must clean the basin using warm soapy water and sponge to avoid water stains and mold growth. Use a toothbrush and some warm soapy water to clean the faucet properly. Wipe the sink dry with paper towels.

Always keep your kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator clean. Make sure that the garbage disposal is working properly. Always remember, a neat and clean kitchen speaks a lot about you.