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Toilet Cleaning Supplies, Detergents & Products

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Concentrated Industrial Strength Disinfectant

Bulk Blendz Industrial Strength Concentrated Disinfectant


Manufactured in Melbourne from a high concentrate of Cleaning Agents, this Disinfectant cleans and deodorises most surfaces and removes grime and dirt from the surface eliminating bacteria.

Available in a great range of scents from: Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus, Bubble Gum, Jasmine, Spice, Lavender, Musk, Tropical, Heavenly and Fruity)

Unique spirit based air freshener disinfectant is used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilet areas of hotels, motels, restaurants and offices. Useful for wiping benches and tables after meals or use.

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Stay Safe (Australian Made) Sanitiser and Disinfectant Surface Spray

SKU: 8501

Stay Safe™ surface disinfectant aerosol sprays

  • – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on hard surfaces
  • – Contains 60% v/v ethanol as active ingredient
  • – Hospital-grade disinfectant, safe to use around your kitchen

Directions for use:

  • Shake well. Hold container upright 15cm to 20cm from the surface
  • Spray surface until wet and allow to stand for 10 minutes to dry
  • Stay Safe™ spray kills bacteria and germs on all household surfaces
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Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea and Mint 500mL

Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea & Mint – 500ml


Sukin’s Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.9% of germs leaving your hand clean and refreshed without water.

With antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Aloe Vera to nourish the skin and the refreshing scent of Green Tea & Mint.

Made with 70% v/v alcohol derived from natural sources such as wheat, sugarcane, and sorghum.

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Canyon Plastic Spray Bottles 1 Litre or 500mL with triggers


Plastic Chemical Resistant Spray bottles in a 1 Litre size fitted with a USA made Canyon Trigger. Durable and suitable for acids, solvents etc…

Available in 1 Litre or 500mL sizes.


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Contractor Garbage Bags Bin Liners from 18 to 240 Litre


High Quality Heavy Duty Contractor Bin Liners designed to carry everyday rubbish. In a range of sizes, we are sure to have the bin liner size to suit your needs. High Density and available in a core roll or flat packs. If you don’t see a size that suits your needs, check out our range of Premium and Degradable Bin Liners too. Sizes vary from 18 Litre to 240 Litre.


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Cloud 9 Toilet paper

Cloud 9 Toilet Paper 3 ply, 200 sheet x 24 rolls per pack

  • FSC Certified
  • 200 sheets per roll
  • 3 ply
  • Virgin Paper
  • 24 rolls per pack
  • Slab Quantity: 6 x 24 rolls per slab
  • Core size: 4.5cm per roll
  • Pallet quantity: 32 slabs per pallet
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Plastic Taps for 20 & 25 Litre Drums


Need a Tap for your Drum??? ***Please note that taps cannot be delivered unless an order has been placed on a cleaning item***

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Gentility Super Premium 3ply 220 sheet Toilet Tissues x 48 rolls per carton

SKU: AC-3220

Individually wrapped with a white scented core. Premium quality and made from pure virgin paper. Embossed softness and suitable for all families. 48 rolls per carton.

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Bulk Blendz Air Freshener and Deodoriser Liquids


Eliminates strong odours lingering such as cigarette smoke and food, leaving a fresh lasting fragrance.

A blend of fragrances together with methylated spirits makes a very powerful effective and long lasting All-purpose Deodoriser and Air Freshener. With a strong sharp aroma Air Freshener neutralises unpleasant odours leaving your car, home or office smelling and feeling fresh. Now available in 5 and 25 Litre sizes

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LIVI Basics 2 Ply 400 sheet Toilet Tissues / 48 rolls per carton

SKU: 7008

Clean simplicity in a busy world
Twist and tuck wrapping keeps the roll clean
Use in LIVI dispensers or on standard spindle bathroom fittings

  • Individually wrapped toilet roll
  • 400 sheets per roll
  • 2 ply
  • 13.5 gsm
  • Smaller sheet size 9.3 x 10cm
  • Roll diameter 105mm
  • No emboss
  • White virgin pulp
  • 48 rolls/ carton
  • 36 cartons / pallet
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Quality 1ply Ultraslim Hand Towels x 2400 sheets per carton

SKU: Q-11240U

24cm×23.5cm×1ply Ultraslim Towel

150sheeets/pack (Individually wrapped)

16 packs per carton

2,400 sheets per carton

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Livi Everyday Hand Towel Roll 80 metre x 16 rolls

SKU: 7202


• For everyday use • Embossed for extra absorbency • 100% virgin fibre

Reorder Code 7202
Format Roll Towel
Sheet width 180mm
Roll diameter 125mm
Sheets per roll N/A
Roll length 80m
Ply 1
Embossed Curve

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It actually sound and seem difficult as in how to clean toilet in best possible way. However, with appropriate cleaning products or detergents it can be astonishingly simple to get the job done. The toilet cleaners works to leave your toilet radiant on both the inside and outside of the bowl. The hypoallergenic formula present in Australian toilet cleaners is biodegradable, prepared from renewable and naturally sourced ingredients.

Cleaning Supplies

In order to begin with, you will have to fill your cleaning closet with all-purpose cleaning materials.

  • Rubber gloves, paper towels, microfiber cloths, sponges are basic essentials. These things are used to dirt-free the external surface and rubber gloves are likely to safeguard your hands throughout the entire cleaning process. You should maintain a pair of rubber gloves for bathroom and the other one for kitchen purpose. This will help you thwart the blowout of dangerous microbes and germs.
  • On the other hand, you will also require a toilet brush- toilet brush is one of the primary tools in dealing with cleaning the toilet bowl. Invest in a quality-oriented toilet brush, as it will last longer and doesn’t need replacement again and again.
  • You will also need a liquid toilet cleaner used mainly for internal surface of the toilet. You can find numerous liquid toilet cleaners in the market that will efficiently clean and sanitize your toilet.
  • For cleaning the outer surface of the toilet, you will require a multipurpose cleaning product or a container of cleaning wipes- it’s useful to opt for an anti-bacterial option in order to remove germs. These are essential for cleaning external stuffs like flush handles and other cracks and clefts.
  • You can also use bleach or a sterilizer to clean the toilet brush when it is not in use. You just need to splash a small amount of bleach into the toilet brush container, spin the brush, and leave it to soak for about 30 minutes, then simultaneously flush the toilet and wash off the brush with water.

Tips to Dirt-Free your Toilet

Now that you know about these products, but do you know what to actually do with these cleaning products? Keep in mind to always abide by the manufacturer’s guiding principles present on the label and aerate the room. Keep these certain tips in mind while cleaning the toilet:

  • Try to leave toilet cleaners at least for 15 minutes prior scrubbing or flushing away. This in turn enable them to eliminate dirt, lime-scale and fungi more efficiently.
  • Apply the product under the toilet bowl rim for utmost effectiveness.
  • Wear rubber gloves in order to protect your skin.
  • As they can be disposed off, paper towels or anti-bacterial wipes are actually good to use when cleaning the external surface of the toilet. If you decide to use sponge or cloth, ensure to clean and sanitize it after using.
  • Liquid toilet cleaners are best to clean and disinfect your toilet.
  • The best possible way to have a clean washroom is to implement regular bathroom cleaning schedule.


Detergents: Remember, detergents should be concentrated, low-sudsing, low-phosphate and most importantly bio-degradable.

Cleaning Products: It is always advised to use non-chlorine, non-ammonia, non-antibacterial, non-toxic and bio-degradable cleaning products.

Toilet Paper: It is advised to use single ply toilet paper as it break downs in the festering system faster and better than higher ply count toilet paper.

Do Not Flush: It is better not to flush anything in septic system other than human waste and toilet paper (just 1 ply toilet paper).

Not all toilet cleaners are created equal- the finest ones can eliminate stubborn stains and also particle matter, however, the awful ones are worse than not using anything at all. Australian families desire and prefer to live in a clean, healthy home. They prefer the idea of exchanging harsh chemical cleaning products that usually hide under the sink of most Australian homes.

For a non-messy toilet bowl cleaner, prefer hanging toilet bowl cleaner pods. The cleaning solution dangles from your toilet bowl to continually clean inside the bowl. You should also consider Australian environmentally friendly toilet cleaning solution. The toilet solution is somewhat more gel than liquid which in turn coats the toilet bowl effortlessly. This solution works to clean, freshen, eliminate stains and more, all in an eco-friendly formula. Powerful detergents help maintain your toilet bowl clean in –between scrubbing.  Using thick toilet cleanser helps keep your toilet clean, leaving an enduring scent of bloom around your toilet. Regular usage can keep your toilet shiny clean and freshly scented.

You can buy toilet cleaning detergents at best prices in Australia. Shop online for wide range of toilet cleaning products from Bulk Wholesale.

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