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Ways on How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Products

Ways on How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Products

by admin / May 29, 2015 Article

Ways on How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Products

We are all aware that it is important to use safe commercial cleaning product. However, not every cleaning product supplies on the stores are manufactured equally.

Many products contain toxic chemicals, corrosive substances that might clean nicely but they certainly do not do a lot to protect your health or the health of your family.

These poisonous chemicals can leave hazardous residues on food surfaces and also escalate indoor pollution or even worse.

Choosing safe commercial products is so vital but the waters can be difficult to navigate at first. Here are some tips to choosing safe commercial products.

1. Ingredients matter a lot
Begin at the ingredient list. If you receive commercial cleaning supplies and they don’t tell you the main ingredients inside it, stop right there!

Send a message to that company and do not buy their product. Transparency is an important thing when seeking for cleaning products in this age.

While there may be clean products that have no ingredient list, you will not know whether the product you are about to purchase is safe.
The absence of ingredient list is already a red flag and is not worth to risk.

2. Know what to watch out for
Although there are many toxins out there, it is great to know what to watch out for:
• Ammonia- it is dangerous when inhaled, touched or swallowed. It is not only strong but deadly too.

• Antibacterial& disinfectants- they include ingredients such as triclosan and bleach.

• Chlorine bleach- bleach is strong, irritating and corrosive to the eyes and lungs, avoid it at all cost

• Phosphates- phosphates are dangerous to marine and aquatic life and are usually found in dish and laundry detergent.

3. Outsmart labelling tricks
Just because the label says “eco-friendly”, “natural” or even “nontoxic”, it does not mean that it is. Make sure that you verify the commercial cleaning supplies. Check on the ingredients and verify them yourself.

4. Have a love hate relationship with honesty

Cleaning products will tell on the packaging of they are harmful. Although this may be good news, you may have to search for different products before you find the one that satisfies you.

In other words, listen to them and keep away! It’s that simple! Avoid cleaning products with terms such as corrosive, caution, warning, poison, danger and irritant.

Instead, search for products that do not say they are toxic and suggest that you “drink water”. That is a good thing to see!

5. Know your options
There are plenty of great cleaning products. Get to know them, utilize them, save cash and you will be thankful.

• Baking soda- it is good for cleaning a bunch of things. From per messes to hard water and smalls. Baking soda is precisely a hero!

• Borax- is also one of the best commercial cleaning products. It can be used for household cleaning, although you need to be cautious in a house with little children, because ingestion is not safe. The powder form is a matter of concern.

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