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Paper Napkins & Serviettes

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Culinaire Quilted Dinner Napkins GT Fold White x 1000 sheets per carton


Product Specifications

  • Paper Colour: White
  • Sheet Size: 400 x 400mm, 2-Ply
  • Folding: GT – Quilted
  • Sheet / Pack: 100 sheets
  • Pack / Carton: 10 Packs

Product Features

  • 100% virgin tissue
  • Superior softness, strength and absorbency
  • Single-use hygienic napkin
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Original price was: $72.50.Current price is: $66.00.

Provada Premium Kitchen Towels 2ply 240 sheets x 12 rolls

SKU: 2402

Fresh presentation for commercial kitchens and on site catering. Perforated sheets for controlled tearing.
Reorder Code: 2402
Kitchen roll towel
240 sheets
2 ply
Sheet size 225 x 215mm
Roll diameter 130mm
White virgin pulp
12 packs/ carton
40 cartons / pallet

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Original price was: $55.50.Current price is: $45.00.

Livi Premium Quilted GT Fold Dinner Napkins 2 ply x 1000 sheets per carton

SKU: 1506

Livi® Premium GT fold dinner napkins are an indispensable item for any restaurant or catering service.
The premium dinner napkins are an extra large 40cmx40cm, with a soft touch and absorbent 2ply finish.

Livi Premium dinner napkins are made from PEFC certified virgin fibre and each pack is hygienically sealed for guaranteed quality.

Each pack of Premium GT fold dinner napkins contains 100 sheets, with 10 units per carton making it a convenient way to purchase and stock high quality quantities of wholesale premium dinner napkins.

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Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $58.90.

Livi Premium Cocktail Napkin 2ply 100 Sheets x 30 packs per carton

SKU: 1501

Reorder Code: 1501
Paper Type: Virgin
Sheets per Pack: 100
Ply: 2
Sheet Width (mm): 230
Sheet Length (mm): 230
Inner Packaging: Sealed plastic
Outer Packaging: carton
Units / Carton: 30
Cartons / Layer: 9
Cartons / Pallet: 63

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Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $32.90.

Bastion Refresher Towelletes x 1000 pieces per carton

SKU: BRT2131
  • Individually sealed sachets
  • 160 x 200mm sheet size
  • Fresh aloe vera scent
  • Technical data sheets available
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Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $99.00.
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Culinaire Cocktail Dispenser Napkins (5000 sheets per carton)


1 ply Cocktail Dispenser Napkins are an economical option and suitable for standard purposes whilst still offering quality, softness and good absorbency. 5000 sheets per carton

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Original price was: $57.50.Current price is: $51.20.

Paper Napkins & Serviettes Melbourne

Serviettes or napkins are a necessity for your function, house party or even just to keep it ready around the house.Huge amount of disposable serviettes and napkins which are available in an immense range of co-ordinated colours, themed prints and numerous sizes.

There are various types of serviettes and napkins, like snack serviettes, cocktail serviettes, luncheon napkins as well as dinner napkins.

Luncheon napkins are considered as popular size while Dinner napkins are best to amaze your guests.

On the other hand, Cocktail serviettes may be used to serve canapes as well as for kid’s parties.

Characteristics of napkins or serviettes

Napkins or serviettes are soft, super absorbent and do not tatter on the skin. Perfect for cleaning lips and fingers after snacks or dinner. Napkins are generally single ply for wiping hand and mouth while serviettes are premium 2 ply napkins offered during special occasions.

  • Pop-up napkins- pop-up napkins are delivered in a convenient, portable pack, that come in handy on workstations, conference
  • Tables, coffee tables etc.
  • Cocktail serviette-20×20 cm
  • Snack serviette- 30×30 cm
  • Dinner serviette- 40×40 cm
  • Napkins or serviettes are soft and super absorbent
  • Knitted to make sure safe and easy disposal
  • Worthwhile
  • Convenient dispensing
  • Each tissue arrives in a consistent size and quality

Etiquettes of using napkins or serviettes

Napkins or serviettes are usually and must be provided and are placed on either side of the plate or in the centre of the setting, where the plate is placed. They must be folded modestly; shun elaborate origami sorts.

  • When you start eating, firstly, unfold your napkin and place it on the lap. Don’t commit the mistake of tucking it into the top of your shirt.
  • You can dab your mouth corners with your napkin if needed during the meal, do not turn it into a striking side-to-side wiping gesture.
  • A napkin may be kept together in a bundle by a napkin ring. On the other hand, paper napkins may be contained with a napkin holder.
  • Paper napkins may appear very decorative, at the same time they may also appear very flimsy. If you want to use, or must use paper napkins, it’s normal to use more than one.
  • Paper napkins or paper serviettes are usually offered during casual dining, or for large parties when crudités or other types of small finger foods are served.
  • Tablecloths are no longer considered as napkins. They are history now.
  • Remember, your wrists and the back of your hands are not napkins. So, stop using them.
  • They are not a part of your dress or clothing, so avoid using your shirt sleeve or shirt tail in order to wipe your mouth
  • Napkin rings or dispenser is usually place to the left of your fork(s).
  • Napkin or serviette should be folded in half and laid crosswise your lap with its fold closest to your side and the open ends pointing away from you.
  • Placing or scrunching and tossing your napkin on the table while others are still taking the pleasure of their meals, is equivalent to dropping down the gauntlet and defying others in your party to complete their meals as early as you did.
  • However, paper napkins can be scrunched and place on to the plate once you’re done. But, cloth napkins go by your plate, right away to the left.
  • Once you’re done with your meal, lay your napkin, unfolded, by your plate.
  • Don’t stain lipstick on a cloth napkin or use it as a handkerchief

Uses of napkins or serviettes

They are considered an inexpensive way to add zest, eccentricity, elegance and a sense of celebration. Adding a small napkin or serviette can turn an ordinary meal into a jovial meal.

  • Plan theme according to cute napkins
  • Use as a placemat
  • Rejoice a holiday or season
  • Push the boat out on a special occasion
  • Turn any occasion into a festive one
  • Make a paper plate appear more graceful
  • Synchronize the napkin with the rest of the table décor to create a unified look
  • A nautical napkin adds eccentricity when seafood is being served
  • You can also give as a gift

If you own a restaurant, bar or café, then you might need napkins or serviettes in bulk quantity. If you desire to be a part of Melbourne’s fastest growing hospitality good supplies then you can ring up any Wholesale department in Melbourne.

Melbourne napkins can fit dispensers, as well as you also have personalized napkins and brand napkins. With wide range of napkin colours, folds, durability and softness, Melbourne napkin or serviettes are suitable to every event, casual dining experience or fine dining experience.

Wholesale napkins or serviettes in Melbourne

Are you in need of large quantity of napkins for your party or event? If that is the case, then Melbourne napkins or serviettes can offer you large selection of quality bulk napkins or serviettes. You will be offered with variety of varying sizes and styles of napkins.

You can find wholesale decoupage napkins or serviettes from Melbourne decoupage napkins wholesalers and dropshippers. They will help you get high quality decoupage napkins at bulk prices.

Hence, the food won’t seem as fancy as the napkins or serviettes. And one way to add zing to your tablescape is by adding gracefully folded napkins. They are proficient enough to add colour to your place setting and can also be used to innovatively display menus, utensils and place cards.

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