Hard Floor Cleaner / Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Hard Floor Cleaner / Carpet Cleaning Supplies

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Co-Shield 3ply Disposable Face Masks x 50 per carton

SKU: 8285

3 layers premium.
Anti wrinkle.
Skin friendly.
Bacteria filter.

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Concentrated Industrial Strength Disinfectant

Bulk Blendz Industrial Strength Concentrated Disinfectant


Manufactured in Melbourne from a high concentrate of Cleaning Agents, this Disinfectant cleans and deodorises most surfaces and removes grime and dirt from the surface eliminating bacteria.

Available in a great range of scents from: Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus, Bubble Gum, Jasmine, Spice, Lavender, Musk, Tropical, Heavenly and Fruity)

Unique spirit based air freshener disinfectant is used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilet areas of hotels, motels, restaurants and offices. Useful for wiping benches and tables after meals or use.

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Stay Safe (Australian Made) Sanitiser and Disinfectant Surface Spray

SKU: 8501

Stay Safe™ surface disinfectant aerosol sprays

  • – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on hard surfaces
  • – Contains 60% v/v ethanol as active ingredient
  • – Hospital-grade disinfectant, safe to use around your kitchen

Directions for use:

  • Shake well. Hold container upright 15cm to 20cm from the surface
  • Spray surface until wet and allow to stand for 10 minutes to dry
  • Stay Safe™ spray kills bacteria and germs on all household surfaces
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Rapid Test

V-Chek™ COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Antigen Test (Lollipop Test)


No more painful sampling – easy and reliable antigen test simply from a saliva swab.

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Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea and Mint 500mL

Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea & Mint – 500ml


Sukin’s Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.9% of germs leaving your hand clean and refreshed without water.

With antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Aloe Vera to nourish the skin and the refreshing scent of Green Tea & Mint.

Made with 70% v/v alcohol derived from natural sources such as wheat, sugarcane, and sorghum.

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Canyon Plastic Spray Bottles 1 Litre or 500mL with triggers


Plastic Chemical Resistant Spray bottles in a 1 Litre size fitted with a USA made Canyon Trigger. Durable and suitable for acids, solvents etc…

Available in 1 Litre or 500mL sizes.


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AKTIVO Softener Salt 2kg ~ Water Softener for Dishwashers


Softener Salt 2kg

  • Softens the water in hard water areas
  • Does not go onto the dishes during the cycle, instead goes through the softener unit before being drained with the waste water
  • Use regularly to keep you machine at its peak efficiency

AKTIVO Softener Salt is a large crystal granular pure salt designed for your dishwasher with in-built softeners. High levels of minerals hamper the lathering of soap.

AKTIVO Softener Salt softens the water for better cleaning and prevents water marks and streaks on your dishes. Use AKTIVO Softener Salt for premium quality and sparkling results for automatic dishwashers to give the best washing outcome always.

Directions: NOTE: This product is only suitable for dishwashers that have a dedicated salt reservoir, refer to packaging for dosage instructions.

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Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner 300mL

SKU: PGP-101-822
  • Moisturising Shampoo and/or Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
  • Thirst-quenching hydration from root to tip that leaves your hair softer and sweetly-scented
  • Infused Fragrances
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Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Scrubber and Sponge

  • Slimmer version of our most popular dual-sided sponge and scrubber
  • Half pink FlexTexture and half ResoFoam sponge
  • 1 inch depth fits comfortably in hand and is more flexible
  • Perfect for rentals, travel, and gifting
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Ultra Health Type IIR Medical Surgical Face Masks 50 pack

Ultra Health Type IIR Medical Surgical Face Masks 50 pack

SKU: 600003

Product Details

Surgical Mask 3 ply with ear loops or ties
Level 2 Sub Micron (120mm Hg)
Latex free
17.5×9.5cm Adult Masks
Conforms to AS 4381:2015


Packets: 50 Masks
Cartons: 1000 Masks (20 Packets of 50 Masks)

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Empty Chemical Drums in 5L, 20L and 25L sizes


Heavy duty and durable plastic drums for use in refill of many chemicals and cleaning products. Great for repackaging bulk liquids and comes with a bung and lids. Available in 5L, 20L and 25L sizes.

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Cloud 9 Toilet paper

Cloud 9 Toilet Paper 3 ply, 200 sheet x 24 rolls per pack

  • FSC Certified
  • 200 sheets per roll
  • 3 ply
  • Virgin Paper
  • 24 rolls per pack
  • Slab Quantity: 6 x 24 rolls per slab
  • Core size: 4.5cm per roll
  • Pallet quantity: 32 slabs per pallet
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Right Carpet Cleaning Supplies for the Best-Looking Carpet

There are wide variety of carpet cleaning supplies available, followed by powerful advertising. Hence, it is essential to be cautious while buying supplies. Search for supplies that can handle particular problems in a specific carpet or supplies for general cleaning and maintenance. Choose supplies that cause minimal harm to the carpets as well as those using those particular supplies.

No matter cleaning your own carpets at home or professionally cleaning carpets at homes or commercial offices, it is vital to possess appropriate carpet cleaning supplies. There are variety of vacuums, carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning supplies available, something for every form of carpet, hard floor and every type of issue.

In order to clean the carpet, you should have all equipment in place. This encompasses carpet cleaning supplies, machines and accessories, which can make the job quite simple. Choose equipment based on whether you want to ‘clean’ or ‘deep clean’ a carpet or just simply eliminate a stain. In addition, the equipment and supplies must be proper for the carpet fabric.

For carpets in domestic settings, dry vacuum cleaners are usually sufficient while there are certain occasions where a detergent and water need to be added in order to restore the carpet.

However, all-purpose carpet cleaners can do wonders, professional cleaning supplies encompass cleaners particularly designed for basic issues. These encompass products to eliminate odors caused due to mildew or mold, pets, fire and smoke. While trying to eliminate a particular type of stain, choose a cleaner tailored for the job. Once again, prefer professional products that are capable of handling hard-to-remove stains like oil, grease, paint, glue, rust and gum or amend discoloration from browning, sun-fading or water damage. There are different types of pre-spray products that are likely to target particular stains and problems prior the cleaning is done in order to help get rid of the stains and make certain a better cleaning. Once cleaning is done, there are rinses available to eliminate the residues. Sealants and other such products can help maintain the carpets from getting stained and filthy again by repulsing stains, diminishing its proclivity to spread and making it easy to remove them. On the other hand, carpet refreshers can deliver a satisfying smelling end to a cleaning or betwixt cleaning freshening up.

When hard floors are considered like concrete or ceramic tiles, cleaning is done using a scrubber dryer which persistently soaks, brushes and dries the floor. There are also compact versions which can be utilized in certain restricted areas

Ensure to pick only products that work for the type of carpet being cleaned. Numerous carpets can be wet cleaned and the most of chemical carpet cleaners are just designed for that. But, if the carpet is intricate and may bleed after wet cleaned, there are certain carpet cleaning supplies designed for dry cleaning. Carpet cleaning supplies or products are available in numerous forms, encompassing powdered, liquid, high foaming shampoo as well as dry foam. Again, select a product that works wonders for your carpet and the stain that is required to be cleaned or the problem that must be solved.

Additionally, the carpet cleaners being used, it is essential to possess a standard cleaning machine. For home purpose, a simple portable machine is perfect. While starting a commercial office, include a better commercial but still portable machines first. Once your business is established and starts doing well, revamp to a more costly truck-mounted machine that is likely to deliver longevity as well as superior cleaning power.

No matter for home or commercial use, carpet cleaning supplies are easily available in the market. You can also browse wholesale carpet cleaning supply websites if there’s not one nearby you. Professional carpet cleaning supplies are available online from most manufacturers of carpet cleaners as well as machines. These sites in turn help you save money by cutting down the middle man cost and also can deliver valuable information as in which supplies, equipments or products are perfect for your carpets.

Don’t be daunted by a wide variety of carpet cleaning supplies available. Confirm what type of carpet you have and choose the products that work well for it as well as for the stains and problems who are trying to correct. Choosing a wholesale supplier one like Bulk Wholesale will be able to meet all of your needs crosswise Melbourne and Sydney. You definitely want to be sure that the wholesale supplier sell the necessary chemicals, but also related equipment as well. Many wholesale suppliers offer great prices and quality products. This may take into account cleaning carts, wet floor signs, mop buckets, mops and brooms. Bulk Wholesale provide carpet cleaning supplies, chemicals and products across Melbourne and Sydney. Go ahead and clean the carpets, enjoying just how magnificent they look.

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