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Ecoz 400 sheet Toilet Tissues 2-Ply x 48 rolls per carton

SKU: 22700

Ecoz Bathroom 400 sheet 2 ply

  • 100% Virgin pulp
  • Sheet Size: 100 x 95mm
  • 48 Rolls/Carton
  • Lightly embossed for extra softness
  • Ideal for any washroom environment
  • Individually wrapped
39 in stock
Price: $45.00 $30.85

Handee Ultra Kitchen Towel 2 Ply x 8 or 12 rolls per bale


The ever popular Handee Ultra is here at Bulkwholesale

Handee Ultra paper towel super absorbent and ultra strong wet or dry. Specially selected fibres within the paper towel are made to interlock, creating both greater strength and a sponge-like structure for maximum absorption.

in stock
Price: $27.45$34.50

Livi Basics 2ply Toilet Tissues 400 sheets x 60 rolls per pack

SKU: 7009

NEW from Livi®, the Basics 7009 toilet tissue is a 2ply, 400-sheet conventional toilet tissue available in a multi-pack of 6 rolls for optimal convenience. Designed to provide a value alternative for establishments wanting to keep their ongoing costs down.

12 in stock
Price: $39.05

Livi Hand Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

SKU: 5513

The NEW Livi® Hand Roll Towel Dispenser has been designed to facilitate easy tear-off and wipe.

Versatile enough to be used in any washroom or sink bay area, this new HRT dispenser from Livi® is intended mainly for use in high traffic environments while its compact design and removable spindles simplifies the loading and maintenance process.

Made from sturdy ABS construction with a discreet key locking to prevent pilferage.

The protective translucent cover keeps paper hygienic and the controlled paper tear off prevents wastage.

Suitable for most roll towels including Livi 1200 and 1202

Reorder Code:   5513

-1 in stock
Price: $75.00 $66.55

Livi Premium Cocktail Napkin 2ply 100 Sheets x 30 packs per carton

SKU: 1501

Reorder Code: 1501
Paper Type: Virgin
Sheets per Pack: 100
Ply: 2
Sheet Width (mm): 230
Sheet Length (mm): 230
Inner Packaging: Sealed plastic
Outer Packaging: carton
Units / Carton: 30
Cartons / Layer: 9
Cartons / Pallet: 63

8 in stock
Price: $49.95 $32.90

Premium Livi Quilted GT Fold Dinner Napkins 2 ply x 1000 sheets per carton

SKU: 1506

Livi® Premium GT fold dinner napkins are an indispensable item for any restaurant or catering service.
The premium dinner napkins are an extra large 40cmx40cm, with a soft touch and absorbent 2ply finish.

Livi Premium dinner napkins are made from PEFC certified virgin fibre and each pack is hygienically sealed for guaranteed quality.

Each pack of Premium GT fold dinner napkins contains 100 sheets, with 10 units per carton making it a convenient way to purchase and stock high quality quantities of wholesale premium dinner napkins.

6 in stock
Price: $65.00 $49.95

QUALITY Premium 2ply 300 metre Jumbo Toilet Rolls x 8 per carton

SKU: 11300

2ply strength for high volume facilities.
Save changeover time for busy cleaners.

15gsm thickness as opposed to 13.5gsm for other brands
2 line stitching
8 rolls per carton

Reorder Code:   11300

-3 in stock
Price: $49.95 $32.50

Really Strong Ultra Absorbent Kitchen Paper Towels 2ply x 30 rolls per polybag

SKU: 9010

**IMPORTANT NOTE: There are strictly no refunds or cancellations for hand towels once your order has been paid. Please adhere to this message prior to finalising payment. All orders will be fulfilled within the 2 weeks as per the banner on our home page. We are a regular supplier of hand towels and expect our stocks to be replenished during this time**

With Wet Lock Technology and Embossed for Strength & Absorbency

  • 2 ply
  • Sheet Size: 225 x 215mm
  • 100 Extra Thick Sheets per roll
  • Weave embossed


  • Twin Pack for convenience
  • Strong, absorbent & disposable towels
  • Controlled usage with individual sheet perforation
out of stock
Price: $69.95 $49.00

Veora Exclusive Woven Ultraslim Towel 2-Ply 150 sheet x 16 packs per carton

SKU: 22805F

Veora Exclusive Ultraslim Towel 2 ply

Premium Hand towel with decorative embossing.

Advanced lamination technology.

2 ply thickness for superior absorbency and performance.

Soft hand feel and gentle to skin.

Material: FSC® Mix
Sheet Size: 240 x 240mm
150 Sheets/Pack
16 Packs/Carton

48 in stock
Price: $59.50 $47.95

LIVI Basics 1 Ply Hand Towels 200’s / 20 units per carton (23x23cm)

SKU: 7200

Hand drying simplicity – Cost effective drying in high volume facilities – Use in LIVI dispensers

  • Hand towel
  • 200 sheets
  • 1 ply
  • 34gsm
  • Sheet size 230 x 230 mm
  • Embossed
  • White virgin pulp
  • 20 packs / carton
  • 36 cartons / pallet
14 in stock
Price: $59.00 $45.95

Jasmine Luxury Scented Toilet Tissues x 48 rolls per slab

SKU: 1008

The NEW Jasmine by Livi®* is a soft white bathroom tissue designed for use in hotels, motels, resorts and other tourist accommodation. It offers guests a quality product at a fraction of the cost, with bales of 48 rolls available in convenient packs of four.

28 in stock
Price: $36.00 $30.25

LIVI Basics 1 Ply 1000 sheet Toilet Tissues x 48 rolls

SKU: 7007

Tightly wound bulk pack to squeeze in small places. Twist and tuck wrapping keeps the roll clean. Use in LIVI dispensers or on standard spindle bathroom fittings.

Reorder Code: 7007
Individually wrapped toilet roll
1000 sheets per roll
1 ply
18 gsm
Smaller sheet size 9.3 x 10cm
Roll diameter 110mm
No emboss
White virgin pulp
48 rolls/ carton
36 cartons / pallet

2 in stock
Price: $58.00 $52.50

Try Livi Paper Products to Make your life easier!

Let us start here by asking a few questions: while exploring through the different products of personal hygiene, what do you seek? Do you look for superior quality products? Or is it the lower price of the products that attract you? Or is it that you still believe paper is just paper, any brand is fine?

Well, if you think paper is just paper, then you will find this practical guide quite helpful in emphasizing the differences; but, if you are looking for good quality products at efficient cost, most certainly, Livi paper products outshine all.

Apart from the fact that the range of Livi paper products takes care of the intimate hygiene of everyone at home while being light on your pocket, there are numerous other reasons that crown Livi Paper as one of the recommended brands in the field of personal hygiene.

Skin-Friendly Texture:

To achieve good care and hygiene for the skin, the toilet paper should be soft and resistant, that’s why the Livi paper products have an exclusive texture that fulfils both the requirements at the same time. The softness makes the paper more flexible, adjusting better to the intimate areas and having a better cleaning.

Heed to Your Need:

Livi paper products come in different varieties, thus providing a huge number of options to select from. Thus, you can make sure whether it is the double or triple sheet that you need and as per you can pick your product.

Good Absorption Ability:

The hygienic papers should have a better absorption capacity as they are used in cleaning purposes.

One Name, Many Roles:

One name Livi Paper but its numerous products like paper towel, toilet tissues, etc. assume numerous roles to maintain its hygienic function and also to take care of your health. Livi paper products are dermatologically tested to give more comfort and care to the skin.

Remember that poor hygiene at the time of entering the bathroom can trigger a series of diseases that can not only affect you but your entire family. Also, irritation of the skin in intimate areas can cause greater consequences such as, scalds, infections, and other diseases like hepatitis, cholera, amoebiasis, paratyphoid fever, salmonellosis, among others. So, always select the right products and maintain better hygiene.

At Bulk Wholesale, we take care of all your basic domestic and sanitation wants. With a wide range of tissues, toilet papers, paper hand towels, etc. Livi paper products represent consistent quality and provide myriad options to select from. So, if you require any kind of assistance in selecting Livi paper supplies in Melbourne or Sydney, visit us online at or stop by at our stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Victoria, anytime.

We are always happy to help!

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