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3ply Disposable Face Masks x 50 per carton

SKU: 8285

3 layers premium.
Anti wrinkle.
Skin friendly.
Bacteria filter.

40 in stock
Price: $69.95 $30.00

Bastion Hypo-Allergenic Adult Wipes (80 sheets x 20 packs per carton)

SKU: BAW3823

The Bastion Adult Wipes are the ultimate high quality personal hygiene wipe. With its Hypoallergenic, Alcohol and Fragrance Free cleansing solution that is enriched with Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel it provides an option for soft gentle cleaning on sensitive skin.

11 in stock
Price: $89.95

Bastion Refresher Towelletes x 1000 pieces per carton

SKU: BRT2131
  • Individually sealed sachets
  • 160 x 200mm sheet size
  • Fresh aloe vera scent
  • Technical data sheets available
4 in stock
Price: $115.00 $99.00

Bastion Regular Baby Wipes 80 sheets per pack x 20 packs per carton

SKU: BBW3223

Bastion Regular Baby Wipes

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Fragrance Free
0 in stock
Price: $55.00

Beta- Eco Wheat Fibre Snack Pack Take-Away boxes x 200 per carton – 3 sizes


BetaEco™ Wheat Fibre Containers

Brand: BetaEco

Made from natural wheat fibre, these stylish BetaEco Wheat Fibre Containers are ideal for any hold or cold foods such as salads, burgers, hot chips, chicken dishes, meal packs etc.

Microwave and freezer safe

100% Compostable

100% Chemical Free

Grease and oil resistant

Available in Small, Medium or Large

in stock
Price: $125.00 $98.95$115.50
in stock
Price: $0.00

Ecoz 400 sheet Toilet Tissues 2-Ply x 48 rolls per carton

SKU: 22700

Ecoz Bathroom 400 sheet 2 ply

  • 100% Virgin pulp
  • Sheet Size: 100 x 95mm
  • 48 Rolls/Carton
  • Lightly embossed for extra softness
  • Ideal for any washroom environment
  • Individually wrapped
-6 in stock
Price: $45.00 $30.85

EnviroStar Eco Friendly Bin Liners from 8 Litre to 240 Litre


Envirostar bin liners are made of the highest quality material to ensure durability and long life.

All our material is derived from renewable resources and are eco friendly. Our range of bin liners are ideal for all kitchen, fruit and vegetable scraps and eliminate odours.

Envirostar bin liners will disintegrate within 90 days in correct composting conditions.

  • GMO Free and Food Grade
  • Superior puncture, tear and heat resistant
  • Reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions
  • Long shelf life
  • Certified Compostable AS4736 BPI and AS5810
in stock
Price: $239.00 $142.00$236.50

Envirostar Food Grade Compostable Singlet Shopping Bags ~ GMO Free



The Envirostar range of 35um singlet bags are reusable and compostable.

  • GMO Free and Food Grade
  • Superior puncture, tear and heat resistant
  • Reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions
  • Long shelf life
  • Certified Compostable AS4736 BPI and AS5810

Custom branding is also available.

out of stock
Price: $235.00 $155.00$205.00

Envirostar Produce Roll Green Printed 16um (250 sheets x 6 rolls)


Features include:

GMO Free and Food Grade

Superior puncture, tear and heat resistant

Reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions

Long shelf life

Certified Compostable AS4736 BPI and AS5810

out of stock
Price: $249.95 $207.90

Gentility Interfold Toilet Tissues 100 sheets x 100 per carton

SKU: AC-100

Gentility Interfold Toilet Tissue

Product code: AC-100

1ply 18x12cm

100 Sheets per pack

100 Packs per carton

Suitable for Interfold Toilet Tissue dispensers

19 in stock
Price: $55.00 $48.40

Gentility Multifold Interleaved Hand Towels ~ 4000 sheets per carton

SKU: AC-4000N

Gentility Interleaved Hand Towel AC-4000N

1ply 23X23cm
250 Sheet per pack
16 Packs per carton

10 in stock
Price: $49.95 $38.00

Get Paper Products at Wholesale Price

Be it in hotels and restaurants or in offices, clinics and hospitals or in the hygienic services of companies and institutions or in our own homes, to be precise, everywhere, paper is a fundamental input for hygiene and cleanliness.

At Bulk Wholesale, we have an enormous collection of paper products at wholesale price. When we refer to paper as an indispensable input in the field of everyday hygiene, we not only consider the toilet paper, the toilet covers, but also the napkins, the cleaning papers, facial tissues and as such.

For this kind of paper, the gigantic ensemble of paper products in Melbourne offers different formats and prices that fit every budget. These paper products come in different qualities single or double sheet, greater or lesser softness, different shades of white and thickness.

If you are truly concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of your environment, it is important to choose the right paper products in Sydney to maintain complete sanitation, as it projects a better image to your customers and users.

Here, we offer a wide range of paper products in Melbourne and Sydney professional hygiene to cover any need in the sector of cleaning, restoration, hospital and personal care. At Bulk Wholesale, we prioritize the quality and excellence of our paper products at wholesale price. Hence, for all the hygiene and sanitization needs, we have got the best solution for you.

In our day to day life, mostly used paper products in Melbourne and Sydney like toilet papers, hand towel, facial tissues, etc. are very essential. At Bulk Wholesale, we clearly understand your need and hence we always guide you to choose the most suitable product within your range.

So, if you require any kind of assistance in selecting paper products in Melbourne or Sydney or Victoria, visit us online at anytime.

Switch to comfort and hygiene with our best quality paper products online!

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