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Aerolite FLASH Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner & Blower


New Brushless Motor ~ also comes with 2 x Batteries to double the users operating time.

Battery Operated
Cord Free Convenience
Comes with 2 x 30 min. rechargeable batteries
25.2v Lithium batteries & charger
16.5 KPA
HEPA Filtration
Dual Mode: vacuum and blower function
Flexible 1.2m Long Vacuum Hose
Telescopic Extension Rod
Crevice Tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool
Cloth filter bag & dust bag
Ideal for cleaning public areas
Now 3x suction

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Cleanstar Galaxy 2-in-1 Rechargeable Stick Vac


GALAXY 2-in-1 Rechargeable Stickvac-22.2V
Motorised power brush for
carpets & hard floors
• Detachable handvac
• Superior suction
• HEPA filtration
• 0.6L dust canister capacity
• Rechargeable and
removable lithium-ion battery
• On/off trigger switch
• Up to 25 mins. running time
• 4-hour charging time
• Tools & accessories

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Cleanstar Spray Mop with Swivel Head and Spray Trigger


Cleanstar Spray Mop
Ergonomic design
Safe for use on all hard floor surfaces
Removeable water tank
Spray nozzle
Spray trigger handle
Can be used to spray water, cleaning liquid or disinfectant
Easy cleaning with no residue or marks
Swivel mop head for hard to reach areas
Washable microfibre floor cleaning pad
Ultra lightweight
Quick to set up and easy to disassemble for storage
Part No: MOP-SP001

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Covidgen Care Sanitiser Care Range


Introducing the launch of our CovidgenCare range which consists of a Antimicrobial Surface Sanitiser & a new Dispenser System with alcohol free refill solutions that cater for all segments of users including a specially formulated sanitiser for Children & Juniors, that will bring the personal & hygiene safety to a whole new level.

CovidgenCare07 helps long-term microbial control with its patented quad-polymer invisible protective film, which ensures that all surfaces remain germ free. The film membrane does not impact how the surface is used, leaving the treated surface sanitised and safer for up to 7 days. The CovidgenCare range has gone through  comprehensive and rigorous testing processes to substantiate our efficacy claims.

The active ingredients of the solution are TGA (Department of Health Australia) registered, that is lab tested against effective kill on enveloped Virus such as Covid-19, and other germs.


Formulated from the Newgen Microbe Guard formula, CovidgenCare07 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial surface sanitiser with outstanding biocidal activity reduction.

Unlike other antibacterial or disinfectant surface sanitiser products, the CovidgenCare07 formula is non toxic, water based, alcohol free, safe to store and will not cause harm to hard surfaces or harm to the environment.

CovidgenCare24 formula is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand sanitiser with outstanding biocidal activity reduction without causing harm to our delicate and sensitive skin.

Sanitise & Protect for up to 24 hours

Formulated from the Newgen Microbe Guard formula CovidgenCare24 is a highly effective alcohol-free new generation hand sanitiser that provides maximum germ-free protection for up to 24 hours, even after rinsing your hands with water.

Proven Efficacy against a wide range of Microbes

CovidgenCare24 has been tested and proven effective against a wide range of pathogens including MERS, H9N2, H1N1, Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Dermatologically Tested

Alcohol free, non toxic and safe to use on all skin types


Sanitise & Protect for up to 24 hours

CovidgenCare24 Junior is a highly effective alcohol-free new generation hand sanitiser that provides maximum germ-free protection for up to 24 hours. Safe on the skin of children, with lasting 24 hour effect even after washing your hands

Proven Efficacy against a wide range of Microbes

CovidgenCare24 Junior has been tested and proven effective against a wide range of pathogens including MERS, H9N2, H1N1, Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin Type

CovidgenCare24 Junior is specifically formulated to protect the sensitive skin of babies and children. The sanitiser is water-based, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-toxic and has been dermatologically tested to suit sensitive skin.

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Disposable Microfibre Mop Heads 25 pack


Designed to deliver a high quality, chemical-free clean while reducing the potential for cross-contamination.
Microfibre technology is proven to eliminate 99.9% of all dirt, dust and pathogens. The unique fibres do all the tough cleaning, reducing the mechanical action required. They can be used with or without steam, chemicals and other cleansers.

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Easy Mop Pro Adjustable Mop & Bucket Set



Maximum length: 180cm

Bucket Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 24 cm

Mop head: microfibre material, round, 360 degree swivel

Quantity: 1 set/UNIT

Colours: Blue, Pink , Green

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Escape Bagless Battery Operated or Electric Backpack Vacuums


Introducing the new range of ESCAPE Bagless Backpack Vacuums:

  • Escape Hybrid

The worlds first Hybrid Backpack Technology.

Features include:

  • 450 watt power
  • 24V Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 30 minutes battery run time
  • Charges the battery and the vacuum at the same time
  • Easily switch between Mains Power or Battery Power
  • Escape Battery

Battery powered and Cord Free.

Features include:

  • 24V rechargeable battery
  • 400 watt motor
  • Up to 40 minutes battery run time
  • Escape Power

Patented Cyclonic Bagless Design.

Features include:

  • 1000 watt motor
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Tools & Accessories included
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F25 Floor Wash Scrubber-Dryer with Edge Cleaning

SKU: F25

Floor Wash Scrubber-Dryer with Edge Cleaning

  • Work Capacity 280 m2/h
  • Working Width of 250mm
  • Brushless Motor 400 Watts
  • 10kg unit weight
  • Removable 4 Litre Storage Tank
  • 1 Litre Recovery Tank
  • Comes with medium strength bristled brush suited to most surfaces from hard floors to carpets, also usable both indoors and outdoors. The design makes corners and sidewalks easy to reach and keep clean. Maintenance and cleaning of the unit is simple as the unit is easy to disassemble and put back together.
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Hipstar Hipvac Vacuum Cleaner 1200w with Accessories


Half the weight of a regular backpack… Only 2.9kg

1200 watt max. power
Sits comfortably on the hips
Suitable for right & left hand users
2L dust bag capacity
Long 10m cord length

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Hoover Turbo Pets H2000TP with Turbo 2000w Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: 11120802
  • 2000 watt powerful performance;
  • Large dust capacity;
  • On board tools;
  • Hepa filtration;
  • Micro-fresh cloth dust bag;
  • Turbo Brush, ideal for pets
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Janitor JVC500 Commercial Backpack 1200w Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: JV500
  • Gulper floor head and 1200W motor for effective carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • Adjustable harness and lightweight design (only 4.6kg)
  • Generous 4L capacity means fewer dust bag changes
  • Ambidextrous design – for left and right-handed users
  • Comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush
  • 15m cable
  • 32mm accessories
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Jet Black Microfibre Cloths 10 pack (40x40cm)

  • Colour safe in bleach and hot water
  • Thick and highly absorbent
  • Plush weave to clean most surfaces
  • 10 cloths per pack
  • 40 x 40 cm per cloth
  • 280gsm
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Buy High-Quality Mops and Brushes Only At Bulk Wholesale

Having carved a name as one of the fastest  growing cleaning products provider, Bulk Wholesale is definitely your go-to store for all your cleaning needs. Apart from cleaning tools, we also manufacture cleaning chemicals like detergents, disinfectants, laundry powders, etc. With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we pay great attention to quality. Catering to different industries, all our products are curated keeping in mind the needs of the clients. Right from hotels to schools, our cleaning products are used by several industries. The cleaning industry has transformed a lot in recent years with sophisticated tools and equipment. We make sure to stay updated with all the latest cleaning technologies and offer our customers 6 new cleaning products every month. Our wide range of products includes organic cleaning products too. All our products are priced at reasonable rates to suit the pockets of our clients. Mops and brushes from Bulk Wholesale are highly preferred because they are long-lasting and easy to use. Apart from the stated, we excel in all general cleaning supplies and equipment. Our dedicated team is well-experienced and will help you choose the right product according to your requirement. You can approach our team and get the best cleaning product as per your need. We understand that every industry has a unique cleaning process and hence, investing in the correct cleaning equipment is very crucial. Bulk Wholesale is well-known all over Australia for its quality-oriented products which ensure effective cleaning. Be it mops and brushes, floor scrubbers, steam cleaners or cleaning chemicals, Bulk Wholesale has everything.

Though mops and brushes are termed as general cleaning materials, they must be selected with care. Take a look at these useful tips which will help you choose the right mops and brushes for cleaning.

  • Keep in mind the cleaning task

Consider your cleaning needs before investing in cleaning products. Mops and brushes come in various sizes and shapes these days and it is necessary to choose according to the space you need to clean. For instance, if you need to clean carpets then you must invest in a floor brush which is meant for carpets. Likewise, if you need to clean a wooden floor then you must choose flat microfibre mops.

  • Check the material of the mops and brushes

The absorbing capacity of the mops and brushes depends on the material it is made from. Check the material of the mops and brushes before buying. Usually, people opt for cotton-based mops and brushes but for some surfaces, it is necessary to opt for microfibre and synthetic materials.

  • Consider the surface which needs to be cleaned

Different surfaces need different cleaning products. Before choosing mops and brushes consider the surface which is to be cleaned. We have specific cleaning products for different surfaces which ensure effective cleaning. We have specially curated products for bathroom floors, kitchen areas, etc. Moreover, we also provide cleaning chemicals for hospital and restaurant spaces.

  • The size of mops and brushes

Mops and brushes come in various sizes and they need to be selected properly depending on the area to be cleaned. Mops for wide floors need to be big in size whereas for tricky corners it is best to use cleaning brushes.

Why Choose Bulk Wholesale For Mops And Brushes?

Bulk Wholesale has a wide variety of mops and brushes which work for all areas. All our mops and brushes are made from high-quality materials which makes them durable. At Bulk Wholesale, you can also take guidance from our team to choose the right product. Here are some key reasons why Bulk Wholesale is the best for all your cleaning needs.

  • Unbeatable expertise in providing the best cleaning products

Be it cleaning tools or chemicals, you will find everything at Bulk Wholesale. All our products are curated keeping in mind the requirements of the clients which makes them highly purposeful. Right from carpet blowers to mops and brushes, you will find variations in all products.

  • Supportive staff

Many times, clients are quite unclear when it comes to investing in the right cleaning equipment. Our team will help you choose the right product according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also call or mail us your queries.

  • Mops and brushes at competitive prices

We never compromise on quality and make sure all our products are priced fairly. All our products are priced to suit the needs of the customers. Moreover, we have several money-saving discounts and offers to our clients.

  • Offering a wide range of products for all major industries

You no longer need to go from one shop to another for your cleaning needs. At Bulk Wholesale, you can find everything you need for cleaning. Apart from mops and brushes, we also deal in disposable cleaning gloves, carpet cleaning supplies, dispensers, car cleaning supplies, etc.

Approach us for all your cleaning needs and get the best products at the best prices.

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