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Aerolite FLASH Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner & Blower


New Brushless Motor ~ also comes with 2 x Batteries to double the users operating time.

Battery Operated
Cord Free Convenience
Comes with 2 x 30 min. rechargeable batteries
25.2v Lithium batteries & charger
16.5 KPA
HEPA Filtration
Dual Mode: vacuum and blower function
Flexible 1.2m Long Vacuum Hose
Telescopic Extension Rod
Crevice Tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool
Cloth filter bag & dust bag
Ideal for cleaning public areas
Now 3x suction

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Ghibli Commercial 1200 Watt 35 Litre Wet and Dry Extraction Vacuum (V-M9P)


w/ Solution Hose

1200 Watt Power

35L Tank Capacity

Powerful Pump

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Janitor JVC500 Commercial Backpack 1200w Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: JV500
  • Gulper floor head and 1200W motor for effective carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • Adjustable harness and lightweight design (only 4.6kg)
  • Generous 4L capacity means fewer dust bag changes
  • Ambidextrous design – for left and right-handed users
  • Comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush
  • 15m cable
  • 32mm accessories
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Polystar 15-inch Orbital Floor Polisher & Cleaner


A truly multi-purpose machine designed to Strip, Wash, Buff, Sand, Refinish and Dry Clean your hard floor surfaces and carpets.

  • Strong induction motor
  • 250-275 watt power (240V)
  • 15” (38cm) working width
  • 150rpm working speed
  • Safety/kill switch start-up
  • Quick release foot pedal
  • Quick wire release system
  • Net weight 16.3kg
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Pullman 30 Litre Wet and Dry Canister Vacuum 1200w

Pullman 30 Litre Wet and Dry Canister Vacuum 1200w

SKU: 11500233

Per vacuum

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Pullman Advance Commander PV900 Backpack Vacuum


The Pullman Advance Commander 900 is a carefully designed backpack vacuum cleaner that is extremely comfortable to wear and has exceptional cleaning power. The Comfort System is height-adjustable to suit all user heights, and is designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. To make the user experience even better, this model features patented Anti-Vibration Absorbers to prevent motor vibrations passing through to the user, and it also has a patented Active Air Ventilation System which removes hot air away from your back during use.

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Pullman Advanced PL950 Lithium Cordless Battery Back Pack Vacuum


• High efficiency, brushless motor prolongs the motor’s life and provides superior performance and reliability
• Superior performance 43.2v lithium batteries providing up to 1 hour of runtime
• Patented blower port transforms your backpack into a powerful blower
• Easy adjustable harness with a three stage height adjustment to ensure weight is correctly
• Eco and Turbo modes provides cleaning versatility

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Pullman AS4 HEPA Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200w

SKU: 11300068

A compact dry vacuum, with patented low noise emission design is packed with features. This is a great machine for hotels, clubs and nursing homes where space for storage is limited.


Motor: 1200w
Voltage: 240v
Dimensions: 700*700*500mm
Capacity (L): 15L
Weight: 8kg
Noise Level (dbA): 50db(A)
Accessories: tools on board
Hose Length (m): 1.8m
Cord Length (m): 10m
Total Reach (m): 12.9m
Wand: Telescopic Stainless Steel
Colour: Yellow/Grey
Accessories Dimension: 32mm

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Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Vacuum cleaner accessories make cleaning of your car, home, caravan and garage much easy. You obviously, desire to use your cleaner to clean curtains and furniture, along with the floor, so having appropriate accessories will make cleaning stress-free. If you’re supposed to clean an industrial surrounding, you might have to see as in which cleaning accessories can make your job simple and easy.

Advance vacuums are available with surplus accessories, so that you attain more out of your cleaner, and dirt-free those hard to reach corners. Accessories like narrow crevice tool can clean the places and furniture base, and are also perfect for cleaning car centres. Tools containing brushes can also be used for rigid dirt that is tougher to eliminate.

Based on the model, cleaner fixtures or accessories like polishes, stain removers and carpet cleaners can actually turn out to be helpful. Multifunctional cleaner accessories can make it even more multipurpose, and you further need not have a distinct carpet cleaner, floor polisher, wet and dry vacuum and indoor vacuum cleaner.

General vacuum accessories take into account crevice tools, upholstery tools as well as dust brushes. Additionally, you might need a more improved brush for your upright vacuum cleaner.

You might also need a longer hose for your cleaner. Accessories such as a long hose can make your vacuum cleaner your task easier, and so you’ll have more uses of it, and use it more frequently.

Replacements tools are most accepted vacuum accessories, and are accessible for most makes and models of vacuum.

Parquet floor brushes are a distinct type of brush that can be efficiently used with this type of appliance. This type of accessory makes it possible to eliminate dirt from laminate, parquet flooring and wooden furniture sets. These item sets safeguard the floors from dirt and grits. Car cleaning kits are also available with carpet sweepers. This particular type of appliance make it possible to efficaciously clean auto vehicles. Filtration level delivered by the vacuum cleaners is not satisfactory. Most people demonstrate a leaning to buy an extra filter. This filter is provided with the competence to magnificently block dusts and harmful allergens. HE-PA filters are the most favoured choice as they can filter over 99% dust and allergy producing substances.

Realize that you might need to state the scrupulous model when selecting vacuum cleaner accessories. Certain brands use hoses, tools and accessories that is likely to fit all models, and rest other brands are very particular about which accessories will fit each model of vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner accessories can make cleaning much more informal and much faster. You’re just supposed to ensure that you have the appropriate accessories for the appropriate job. Don’t buy a new vacuum, just own the right accessories.

But discover great deals by shopping vacuum cleaners online. By online analysis you will find out that it is simpler than visiting the store. By shopping online you’ve the authority of buying vacuum cleaners instantly from producers and wholesalers which in turn might prevent a substantial amount of money while you’re buying online.

Vacuum cleaner accessories are also distributed by wholesale outlets and drop shippers. Wholesale supplier of house ware or industrial products often offer their clientele an opportunity to capitalize on online store, which they offer at an affordable prices. You land up saving a lot with wholesale vacuums because of the discounts you receive. By removing the mark-up that retail outlets put on products, you land up with the cheapest possible vacuum. Adequate to say, you are likely to save money if you buy a wholesale vacuum cleaner.

Remember, wholesale electronic provider is supposed to provide you with a clear information or listings of what type of items they have and that you may demand. You should find a wholesaler who delivers a large item selection.

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