Paper Towels / Hand Towels / Roll Towels

Paper Towels / Hand Towels / Roll Towels

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Quality 1ply Ultraslim Hand Towels x 2400 sheets per carton

SKU: Q-11240U

24cm×23.5cm×1ply Ultraslim Towel

150sheeets/pack (Individually wrapped)

16 packs per carton

2,400 sheets per carton

Price: $29.95

Tiddox LintNIL Lint Free Polishing Cloth x 150 wipes

SKU: 6-30025

LintNIL Wipes
30cm x 30cm
150 wipes per bag

Colour: White
Lint free polishing cloth for use on glass and other sensitive surfaces. Sod and non-abrasive. Can be used with cleaning chemicals. Double bagged for less contamination, therefore suits cleanroom procedures.
Ideal for
·        Glass Cleaning
·        Polishing Surfaces
·        Instrument Cleaning
·        Clean room applications
·        Lint Free
·        Soft and Non-abrasive
·        Can be used with chemicals
·        Clean room packaged (Double bagged)

Price: $99.95 $79.00
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