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AKTIVO Fridge Cleaner and Vanilla Concentrate Deodoriser and Sanitiser 750mL Spray

  • Eliminates germ causing bacteria via sanitising and deodorisers
  • Leaves surfaces clean with a fresh vanilla fragrance without tainting the food in your fridge
  • Effective on all hard washable surfaces

Fridge Cleaner Deodoriser 750mL

AKTIVO Fridge Cleaner Deodoriser is a concentrate that cleans, deodorises and sanitises one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Our cleaner and deodoriser will leave a fresh lingering vanilla fragrance without tainting the food in your fridge.

Directions: Spray onto a clean dry cloth or sponge and wipe all surfaces within the fridge.

Price: $19.95 $13.45

Sabco Jumbo Dust Control Mop – Complete Set 90cm

SKU: SABC-1263

100% acrylic dust control mop for outstanding dusting performance, due to the smaller and finer fibre.

aluminium handle included.

Price: $119.00 $75.00

Livi Essentials Hypo-Allergenic Facial Tissues 90’s 2 ply Cube x 24 per carton

SKU: 1304

Be prepared this season with Livi® hypoallergenic facial tissues. Soft, hypoallergenic, 2ply, 90 sheet facial tissue cube is now available from Livi® Essentials. No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin* Save space and maintain hygiene standards with a minimalistic cube pack. Quality assured. 100% virgin fibre and PEFC certified. Australiana inspired limited edition floral print.

24 inner boxes per carton

Price: $35.95 $32.30

LIVI Impressa Embossed 3 ply 225 sheet Premium Toilet Tissues x 48 rolls

SKU: 3005

Soft luxurious tissue for the discerning user. Short roll length for low frequency high quality establishments. Use in LIVI dispensers or on standard spindle bathroom fittings.

  • Reorder Code: 3005
  • Individually wrapped toilet roll
  • 225 sheets per roll
  • 3 ply
  • 17.5 gsm
  • Standard sheet size 10x11cm
  • Roll diameter 110mm
  • Livi leaf emboss
  • White virgin pulp
  • 48 rolls/ carton
  • 32 cartons / pallet
Price: $65.00 $55.90

Toilet Bowl Cleaner with High Cling Action 25 Litre


Mild acid based Toilet Bowl Cleaner with High Cling properties.

Used for cleaning:

  • urinals
  • toilet bowls
  • shower areas
  • wash basins
  • baths

The toilet cleaner is sprayed around the rim and the bowl of the toilet prior to the use of the toilet brush.

The toilet brush is used to scrub at the toilet, removing stubborn stains, and residue biological debris.

Price: $99.95 $16.50$55.00

WipeOut ‘Spray n Wipe’ Multi-Purpose Solvent Cleaner 25 Litre


Wipe-Out Spray & Wipe Multi Purpose Solvent Cleaner 25 Litre Drum: General all purpose spray on/wipe off cleaner for use in a wide range of applications such as the removal of grease dirty finger marks soap scum heel marks etc. Can also be used to clean marks on walls. Highly recommended in all areas of the kitchen bathroom and general purpose cleaning.

Price: $79.00 $10.50$38.50
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