Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

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3ply Disposable Face Masks x 50 per carton

SKU: 8285

3 layers premium.
Anti wrinkle.
Skin friendly.
Bacteria filter.

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Bastion Nitrile Ultra Soft PINK Powder Free Gloves x 2000 gloves

  • Examination gloves
  • Ambidextrous
  • Latex free
  • Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl
  • Cartons of 2000 allows for reduced freight costs and handling
  • Micro textured fingers for excellent wet and dry grip
  • Softer formulation with extra stretch and strength for superb feel and sensitivity, which provides less hand fatigue when used for extended periods
  • HACCP certified and TGA listed
  • Technical data sheets available
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Bastion Nitrile UltraSoft Pink Powder Free Gloves x 2000

  • Examination gloves
  • Ambidextrous, Powder free & Micro Textured fingers for excellent wet & dry grip
  • Beaded Cuff – Providing additional strength & preventing liquid roll off
  • Machine-packed to ensure crease-free gloves and easier dispensing
  • Excellent puncture resistance and strength
  • Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl
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Black Hog Black Nitrile Extra Heavy Duty Gloves x 1000 per carton

SKU: G700-

G700 – Black Powder Free, Latex Free, Protein Free Gloves

AQL 1.5 medical grade nitile gloves
Extra thick for added strength
Inside choloronation for coolness and comfort
Microtexture on palm and fingers for better grip
Rolled cuff for extra strength and easier donning
EN1186 food contact approved
EN455 medical devices approved
240mm length
Sizes M-XL
100 gloves per box
1,000 gloves per ctn

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Co-Shield Global Innovate Nitrile Blue Examination Gloves x 1000


The Innovate Nitrile Gloves are 3.5g medical examination gloves tested for use with Chemotherapy drugs and meets ISO and ASTM standards. Can be used for multiple industries such as:

  • Hospital
  • Dental
  • Laboratory
  • Cleaning
  • Industrial
  • Hotel
  • Food handling
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Fast Aid Vehicle MAX First Aid Kit


R1 | Vehicle Max Kit
Code: FAR1V30

• Complies with National WHS 2015 & State Regulations for Work Vehicles.
• The ever popular deluxe vehicle kit.
• Loaded with ARTG Registered quality extras like splinter probes, Hydrogel burn gel, heavy duty crepe bandage, instant ice pack and more.
• Medium sized case with internal compartments ready for that unexpected road side emergency.

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Hand Specific High-Quality White Latex Powder Free Gloves x 1000


Latex examination gloves are made from natural rubber latex. Optimum comfort and barrier protection from undesired and harmful substances for healthcare professionals and their patients.

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ICEMAN Rigger Freezer Glove Furlined Premium Yellow Rigger x 5 pairs per pack

SKU: 426100

Yellow cowhide furlined rigger. Premium quality.


Coldstores, cool working areas. Forklift operators, outdoor work.

Available in Small (8), Medium (9) and Large (10)

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Iron Skin Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves x 1000


Latex gloves are manufactured using natural rubber latex and is a processed plant product. Latex gloves are the most flexible and resilient with a consistent fit.

Product Information:
– Material: 100% Natural latex
– Colour: White
– Sterilization: Non Sterile
– Packing: 100Pcs/box
– Size: XS/S/M/L/XL

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Maxter Powder Free Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves x 2000

SKU: MX9889
  • Nitrile Examination Gloves
  • Excellent Strength and Feel
  • Ice Blue colour gloves
  • Approved for Food Production use
  • Micro textured fingers
  • Now TGA Approved
  • 10 boxes of 200 per carton
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NatraPower Hand Shield Instant Liquid Glove 500mL


NatraPower HandShield Liquid Gloves Industrial is a proven, effective formula for protecting your skin against most of the harshest skin irritants that you come into contact with every day. The light, non-greasy natural formula, contains no petrochemicals and lasts 4-6 hours even with repeated washing.

HandShield Liquid Gloves allows skin to breathe naturally, while it locks out external skin irritants such as chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, caustic cleaners, bleach, adhesives, detergents, paints, inks, dyes, odours, grease, oils, dirt/grime, water and many more.

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ProSafe CPE White Disposable Shoe Covers x 2000 per carton


CPE Disposable Shoe Cover

CPE Disposable Shoe Cover is hand made with a soft, non-linting elastic band.

These white shoe covers repel water and dust from the wearer.

– White CPE
– Soft Non-limiting Elastic Band
– Excellent Water & Dust Repellent
– Hand Made

Size: 15cm x 36cm

100 shoe covers per inner

2,000 shoe covers per outer carton

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Shop Disposable Gloves With Wholesale Prices

An undeniable part of growing old is aging. When the two terms; anti-aging and anti-wrinkles are considered, first thing that comes to our mind is face.

But there’s another body part which needs attention. Our Hands.

Hands perform different tasks every day. Hands also tolerate scar of the elements you use and abuse them.

Imagine yourself without hands. How would you complete tasks, like eating, touching, typing, driving as well as learning?

How can we overlook our hands? Why can’t we care for them the way we do for other body parts?

Hands are exposed to the elements 24/7.

We usually experience life through our hands, and as we age, so do our hands.

If you want to avoid wrinkly, shapeless, sun-spotted, transparent, vein popping hands, then now is an appropriate time to learn how to avoid hand damage.

In order to protect your hands, there are certain things you need to do routinely, so as to make sure the endurance of your hands.

  1. You have to prevent any further damage from happening
  2. Combating damage already done

Now how do we safeguard our hands from damaging?

Put on gloves. Your hands are exposed to the elements most of the time.

It is understood that it’s impossible and to be frank we don’t want to put on gloves every second in a day. So, there are certain best times you should be putting on gloves, so as to make sure your hands remain beautiful and seem youthful.

If you’re performing hand risking job, you should probably wear safety gloves during the day.

If you’re performing household chores you should put on gloves.

If you’re old school and are washing dishes, put on gloves. Dishwashing soaps can be harmful for your poor hands.

If you’re engaged in some gardening work, you should wear gloves

And also, while preparing food wear gloves.

Just don’t avoid this simple step. Simply wear a pair of gloves whenever you think your hands are at risk.

As a matter of fact, putting on gloves when you’re out, you are likely to stop UVA and UVB rays from directly contacting with your hands and damaging your skin.

HINT: Wash your gloves timely to avoid spreading of germs. Hands come in contact with different things, and so do your pretty gloves.

Repairing the damage already done.

Hands require a good quality hand cream. It is recommended to try finding a moisturiser that is rich in vitamin E and A.

The best time to repair your damaged hands, is at night.  Take a pair of cotton gloves liners, and your most preferred hand cream. Apply cream on your hands and wear gloves. When you wake up in morning, you will notice your hands are soft and revitalized.

Remember, that cream can only help repair the damage already occurred, it cannot stop your hands from aging.

So, what is the ultimate solution for hands from wearing out?

There’s only one answer. Wear gloves. Give your hands that second skin they deserve to be safe and lively.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile is basically a rubber compound that is typically used as a disposable glove material. It is more known for its usage in medical, food and cleaning industries. It possesses a higher puncture resistance in comparison of other glove material. It also has a better chemical defiance than Latex or Vinyl gloves.

Latex Gloves

Latex originates from rubber trees. Latex are said to be most commonly used disposable gloves as they are the only sturdy disposable glove material available in the market. While many hospitals and clinics have started replacing their latex gloves with nitrile gloves. Latex disposable gloves are designed to protect your hands from chaotic jobs around the home and work. Subtle flexible latex delivers additional comfort and sensitive touch.

Now the question arises as in Which Gloves are Better, Nitrile or Latex? 

Nitrile is more sturdy higher quality glove than Latex. Yet, Latex is a more affordable option for those who don’t need stronger chemical and puncture resistance. It actually depends on what job or task you’re using gloves for.

Now Vinyl disposable gloves are more durable and deliver resistance to a variety of hazardous chemicals. You will also be offered with high degree of softness, sensitive feel and elasticity

There are many valid reasons as in why vinyl gloves are a perfect choice for salon and spa professionals particularly:

  • Hair won’t stick
  • Safeguard against chemicals like solvents hair colour bleach peroxide oils and nail products.
  • Latex and powder free- thereby reducing allergic reactions
  • Subtle and elastic- they are designed to perfectly fit the contours of hand delivering supreme comfort.

Powder-free vinyl gloves are produced for food service outlets.

Sydney stores a bulk collection of sterile and non-sterile gloves in wide variety of sizes and are produced from different materials including latex, vinyl and nitrile. You will also be provided with textured, powdered or non-powdered gloves.

You can buy disposable gloves from growing online providers for cleaning supplies delivered Australia wide. Sydney is an importer and wholesaler of fashion gloves. If you actually need flexible, adaptable and disposable gloves, Sydney nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves satisfy your need. Buy Bulk Gloves Online at Wholesale Prices. Wholesale glove supplier supply the best gloves in Sydney. You can give a call to Wholesale glove experts for bulk quantity of gloves.

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