Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues

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Sunrise Facial Tissues 2ply 180 sheets x 36 boxes per carton

SKU: 222666

The perfect all-year-round facial tissue for the family


Sunrise Quality Facial Tissues are made of 100% Virgin Paper ensuring a soft and tender tissue all year round. Beautifully designed with a range of coloured boxes to brighten up your area.

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LIVI Essentials 100 sheet Facial Tissues x 48 units

SKU: 1301

Slim box to reduce wastage. Fresh presentation in your modern bathroom. No need to hide away in dispenser

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LIVI Essentials 200 sheet Facial Tissues x 30 units per carton

SKU: 1302

Fresh presentation in your modern bathroom – Larger box quantity will not need replacing as often – No need to hide away in dispenser.

  • Paper Type: Virgin
  • Sheets per Pack: 200
  • Ply: 2
  • GSM ( /-1): 13.5
  • Sheet Width (mm): 195
  • Sheet Length (mm): 200
  • Inner Packaging: box
  • Outer Packaging: carton
  • Units / Carton: 30
  • Cartons / Layer: 8
  • Cartons / Pallet: 32
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Sorbent Professional Silky White Facial Tissues 2ply 200 sheet x 24

SKU: 25302

Super Soft
Gentle on the skin
Reorder code: 25302
2ply 200 sheets per box
Length: 200mm
Width: 190mm
24 boxes per carton

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VCS Facial Tissues 180 sheet 2ply x 32 boxes

VCS Facial Tissues 180 sheet 2ply x 32 boxes


For 32 boxes per carton

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Sorbent Professional Silky White Facial Tissues 2ply 100 sheet x 48

SKU: 25301
  • Super Soft
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Reorder code: 25301
  • 2ply 100 sheets per box
  • Length: 200mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • 48 boxes per carton
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Livi Essentials Hypo-Allergenic Facial Tissues 90’s 2 ply Cube x 24 per carton

SKU: 1304

Be prepared this season with Livi® hypoallergenic facial tissues. Soft, hypoallergenic, 2ply, 90 sheet facial tissue cube is now available from Livi® Essentials. No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin* Save space and maintain hygiene standards with a minimalistic cube pack. Quality assured. 100% virgin fibre and PEFC certified. Australiana inspired limited edition floral print.

24 inner boxes per carton

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Caprice Ultrasoft Facial Tissues 100 sheet x 48 boxes per carton

SKU: 1048CW

For 48 boxes per carton

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Online Tissue Papers & Towels- A Fashionable Approach to Hygiene

Facial tissues, paper towels or hand towels are basically handy. They’re ultra-absorbent, biodegradable, recyclable, convenient and sanitary. So undoubtedly, this commonly used item is often available online for use in the home and office setting.

Be it a restroom or kitchen setting, towels and tissue papers are better any time than hand towels or dishcloths as most people dry their hands or wipe something in the home or office setting. As a matter of fact, sharing of towels and facial tissues can result into spreading of bacteria and germs. Owing to this reason, a roll of towels and tissues is anytime a cleanlier option.

Additionally, paper towel rolls or facial tissues rolls being more sterile as compared to hand or dishtowels, people usually at present prefer eco—friendly products. Certain available products are green products that are produced using recycled materials and they’re unbleached as well as chlorine free. Hence, these products are cleaner and safer option for the environment.

Numerous websites offer lower prices. They’re capable of offering cheap prices on bulk products as they need not go through overhead charges that a supermarket or department outlet have to, like security, air-conditioning, electricity, high insurance, cashiers, premises rental, stocking products, etc. A virtual online outlet usually don’t need all of that, so these online shopping alternatives can afford to offer you lower prices. Products like towels and tissues are readily available online, and you can even purchase them in bulk at an affordable price at Bulk Wholesale than in the local supermarket. Hence, most people shop on the internet for more discount on their regular needs for sanitary products.

Facial Tissue for Germ Prevention

We have been supplying facial tissues for years and you can actually notice the predominance of this product in the market.

Germ prevention is a major health issue, not only with respect to personal sanitary needs, but also in the public setting. Delivering tissue dispensers in public restrooms and other places such as kitchens or medical offices are yet another efficient way to prevent the spread of disease and germs. We’re stocked with numerous sizes, be it for commercial use or ordering bulk quantities we can deliver what you want. Ordering bulk quantities can also save money on all tissue purchases. Qualities of being durable and biodegradable adds more value to facial tissues, and disposing used tissues does not harm the environment.

Be it your home, work or commercial establishments, using facial tissues in addition to other paper products is decisive in personal and customer convenience. Also custom fit dispensers help expurgate waste of product as they can dispense tissues. By having dispensers close to trash containers, germ fighting proficiency is augmented by easy disposal. Using particularly designed tissue for controlling sneezes and thereby stopping running nose is far better than resorting to the use of toilet tissue for the same purpose.

At Bulk Wholesale, you’re availed with facial paper products in numerous quantities, encompassing by the case. Ensure to add these products to your next order of janitorial and cleaning supplies so that your home, office or business establishment is all set to fight annoying viruses and germs that can cost business money in missing employee time and bargained customer visits owing to illness.

Bulk Wholesale Delivering Bulk Wholesale Products

Being an online store, we offer bulk purchases on products. Bulk purchase offers are not ordinary in grocery stores, and basically you’ve to join shopping “clubs” to buy most products in bulk at specific membership warehouses. But we often offer volume based pricing devoid of having a need to join a “club” to attain the best prices. For those who desire the best prices, there’s a volume pricing option available online at Bulk Wholesale.

Without praising ourselves, being a leading online janitorial supplier store, we offer you numerous facial tissues, hand towels, paper towels, paper napkins and other products at discounted prices as well as wholesale offers. This in turn help cut the cost with each purchase.

Buy facial Tissue and wholesale facial tissue online at bulkwholesale.com.au at discounted prices.

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