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Co-Shield 3ply Disposable Face Masks x 50 per carton

SKU: 8285

3 layers premium.
Anti wrinkle.
Skin friendly.
Bacteria filter.

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Stay Safe (Australian Made) Sanitiser and Disinfectant Surface Spray

SKU: 8501

Stay Safe™ surface disinfectant aerosol sprays

  • – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on hard surfaces
  • – Contains 60% v/v ethanol as active ingredient
  • – Hospital-grade disinfectant, safe to use around your kitchen

Directions for use:

  • Shake well. Hold container upright 15cm to 20cm from the surface
  • Spray surface until wet and allow to stand for 10 minutes to dry
  • Stay Safe™ spray kills bacteria and germs on all household surfaces
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Rapid Test

V-Chek™ COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Antigen Test (Lollipop Test)


No more painful sampling – easy and reliable antigen test simply from a saliva swab.

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Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea and Mint 500mL

Sukin Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Green Tea & Mint – 500ml


Sukin’s Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.9% of germs leaving your hand clean and refreshed without water.

With antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Aloe Vera to nourish the skin and the refreshing scent of Green Tea & Mint.

Made with 70% v/v alcohol derived from natural sources such as wheat, sugarcane, and sorghum.

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Canyon Plastic Spray Bottles 1 Litre or 500mL with triggers


Plastic Chemical Resistant Spray bottles in a 1 Litre size fitted with a USA made Canyon Trigger. Durable and suitable for acids, solvents etc…

Available in 1 Litre or 500mL sizes.


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CoShield Grey 3 ply Protective Disposable Face Masks x 50

SKU: 8286

The Type 1 non-medical civilian disposable ear loop face mask is made from a 3-ply material, filters dust, pollen and bacteria.

It has a built-in nose piece that moulds to the face.

It provides a single-use, disposable respiratory protection, suitable for use in public areas and transport facilities.

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Bulk Blendz Re-usable Fabric 2 Layers Face Mask – Black

SKU: 71198

24x14cm Reusable Fabric Face Mask (Dual Layer) in Black

Individually packed
Outer Layer consists of 94% Polyester & 6%Spandex while the outer layer consists of 97.5% Cotton & 2.5% Spandex

  • Product Code:71198
  • Keep in a cool place away from heat.
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Ultra Health Type IIR Medical Surgical Face Masks 50 pack

Ultra Health Type IIR Medical Surgical Face Masks 50 pack

SKU: 600003

Product Details

Surgical Mask 3 ply with ear loops or ties
Level 2 Sub Micron (120mm Hg)
Latex free
17.5×9.5cm Adult Masks
Conforms to AS 4381:2015


Packets: 50 Masks
Cartons: 1000 Masks (20 Packets of 50 Masks)

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Bright ‘n’ Bulk Phosphate Free Laundry Powder Australian Made


This fast working Laundry Powder is a very unique blend including Fabric Softener and Stain Removal for your clothes and towels. Suitable for top and front load. Suitable for all fabrics and is used by Laundromats all across Australia. Bright ‘n’ Bulks freshness enhancing formula delivers powerful cleanliness and leaves your clothes smelling invigoratingly refreshed. The result is brilliant whites and colours, wash after wash after wash. Guarantees a powerful clean that removes tough stains across your whole wash.

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Sharps Hazard Containers (Australian Made) in Plastic or Metal



Quality plastic sharps containers with finger guards and final closures.
Providing safe and effective disposal of sharps.
Available in 150ml, 250ml, 1.4L, 1.8L, 5L, 12L or 19L capacities.
AUSTRALIAN MADE and Quality Guaranteed
Compliant to Australian Standards
Connected snap-top or screw design prevents lid loss

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Lifecom Health Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes 50 pack


Per 50 pack

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Orawell COVID-19 Oral Rapid Saliva Test 1 pack


Per test

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Safety Equipment- Choose The Right Supplies

Safety equipment products or safety supplies though may be a general pre-requisite for all workplace settings, there’s a petite distinction from one amenity to another. So, one must ensure that you’re investing your money in the right type of materials so that the work flow in the workplace is safe and smooth. In general, the employer capitalize on safety equipment and the employees ought to use them when they proceed towards their respective roles. But if you’re independent or self-employed, you must safeguard yourself and thereby it becomes essential to invest in appropriate safety equipment or products that is likely to ensure your safety as well as well-being.

Being all set for the unexpected incident is always better. Catastrophe may hit without intimidating. Owing to this reason most facilities are equipped with all the safety equipment. This is in good interest of the employees and also the work location as it involves both too many lives as well as money.

One must invest their money in the safety equipment that’s related to the type of work that is being performed at the workplace. For example; if the task includes handling objects that are sharp and risky to hold with bare hands, then the concerned employee should put on right pair of gloves. The gloves must be cut resistant and non-abrasive too. Hence, safety products are determined by the work nature that is being performed at the workplace.

Next, if the task involves precautions to be taken with respect to eyes, then one must consider certain different safety products that are available in the eye protection category. There are lens cleaning solutions, safety glasses and/ or safety goggles that deliver safety. And when face protection and head protection is taken into consideration, safety equipment such as face shields and hard hats must be taken into account. Gloves are one of the essential wholesale safety equipment that are available in bulk at wholesale prices with Bulk Wholesale.

Hence, based on the type and nature of the work, one can always make a choice. We at Bulk Wholesale avail ample range of products such as welding gloves, leather gloves, cut resistant gloves, disposable gloves, knit gloves and chemical resistant gloves.

Safety equipment are availed to an individual in the form of safety vests and apparels too. A high visibility clothing is an essential part of these as they offer huge amount of conspicuity in low light conditions. Irrespective of the type of work, there’s one safety equipment online that must be present at workplace is none another than the FIRST AID KIT. This kit may include the analgesics and medications, eyewash stations and to name a few. Ergonomics also enables negligence of muscle strains and back injuries, hands and arms when appropriate type of ergonomic safety equipment is bought.

Being an employer or being self-employed individual it’s your responsibility to ensure that your workplace has the right safety supplies so as to have a highly safe work environment.

We at Bulk Wholesale are one of the leading distributor and safety equipment online supercentre of safety products wholesale, janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment. Buy safety equipment in bulk at Bulk Wholesale. Choose from a variety of customized products, safety glasses, hard hats and much more! We can offer you wholesale pricing for all your safety needs. If you’re in need of such service check out our product page, it contains a wide variety of product range to cater your needs.

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