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3M 1870+ AURA N95/P2 with Fluid Resistance 20 pack

SKU: AURA-1870

Per carton of 20

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Aktivo All Purpose Citrus Cleaner Spray 750mL

  • Eco friendly
  • Phosphate free
  • Gentle on surfaces but tough on stains
  • Simply spray and wipe
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
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AKTIVO Coffee Machine Descaler 425mL ~ Organic One Shot Clean

  • Suitable for automatic or traditional espresso machines
  • Totally organic and biodegradable Improves efficiency of appliances by removing scale from thermos blocks and steam valves
  • Non corrosive to metal parts and associated equipment commonly found in this environment
  • Easy one-shot use
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Aktivo Dishwashing & Washing Machine Descaler 400g


Dishwashing + Washing Machine Descaler 400g

AKTIVO Dishwashing + Washing Machine Descaler will return your dishwasher to its peak efficiency. It affects limescale, grime or unwanted odours, cleanse your appliance and restore it to premium condition leaving it fresh and sanitary clean.

Directions: Add to dishwasher or washing machine as per dosage instructions on the packaging.

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Aktivo Easy Off Oven and BBQ Cleaner 750mL

  • Non Caustic
  • Low fumes
  • Effective on removing grease, oil and carbon build-up
  • Suitable for ovens, grills, and BBQ’s
  • Easy to use
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AKTIVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g

  • Effectively removes coffee and oily residues from espresso machines via the back flush method
  • Phosphate free
  • Non corrosive to all metals
  • Effective in all water conditions and removes hard water scale deposits
  • Suitable for soaking group handles and porta-fillers
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AKTIVO Fridge Cleaner and Vanilla Concentrate Deodoriser and Sanitiser 750mL Spray

  • Eliminates germ causing bacteria via sanitising and deodorisers
  • Leaves surfaces clean with a fresh vanilla fragrance without tainting the food in your fridge
  • Effective on all hard washable surfaces

Fridge Cleaner Deodoriser 750mL

AKTIVO Fridge Cleaner Deodoriser is a concentrate that cleans, deodorises and sanitises one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Our cleaner and deodoriser will leave a fresh lingering vanilla fragrance without tainting the food in your fridge.

Directions: Spray onto a clean dry cloth or sponge and wipe all surfaces within the fridge.

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Aktivo Glass + Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 250mL

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Eco friendly
  • Dissolves and removes stains including spills and baked on foods
  • Leaves behind a clean surface with a fresh lemon fragrance
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Aktivo Milk Frother Cleaner and Sanitiser 425mL


Effectively removes milk residue and scale from steam wands, valves and tubes

  • Kills Salmonella, E coli and Listeria currently found in this environment when used as directed
  • Non corrosive to surfaces typically found in this environment
  • Effective in all water conditions
  • Ultra Concentrate
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Aktivo Ready to Use Stainless Steel Polish 250mL


AKTIVO STAINLESS STEEL POLISH is a special formulation that removes fingerprints, smears, spatters and water spots and leaves a transparent film that actually protects against such marks re-appearing.


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AKTIVO Softener Salt 2kg ~ Water Softener for Dishwashers


Softener Salt 2kg

  • Softens the water in hard water areas
  • Does not go onto the dishes during the cycle, instead goes through the softener unit before being drained with the waste water
  • Use regularly to keep you machine at its peak efficiency

AKTIVO Softener Salt is a large crystal granular pure salt designed for your dishwasher with in-built softeners. High levels of minerals hamper the lathering of soap.

AKTIVO Softener Salt softens the water for better cleaning and prevents water marks and streaks on your dishes. Use AKTIVO Softener Salt for premium quality and sparkling results for automatic dishwashers to give the best washing outcome always.

Directions: NOTE: This product is only suitable for dishwashers that have a dedicated salt reservoir, refer to packaging for dosage instructions.

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Hospitality Supplies For A Commercial Kitchen

While setting up a novel kitchen certain things can be overwhelming from the ground up, the amount of shopping, price comparisons and negotiations to other essentials. How should you know what are the right hospitality supplies fits your needs and how do you pick which models or brands offer the best value? The answer is everything depends on the quality and value of a particular product you are searching for, but here’s a quick guide to help you choose an essential hospitality supplies for the commercial kitchen.

While stocking your kitchen you might step forward towards numerous catalogues and other resources available to help the restaurateur. These catalogues may turn out to be of great help but usually have the motive of selling as many hospitality supplies as possible to the inexpert chef and manager. So rather than counting on a salesperson’s advice, you should plan a meeting with all the important players in the kitchen and plan ahead to decide which hospitality supplies are essential and necessary and guarantee spending more of the budget on.

It becomes essential to choose high quality, lasting hospitality supplies in all areas of kitchen, though this may turn out to be an issue if there’s a shortage of money at the start of your business endeavours. If you plan to limit spending on essential hospitality supplies like pots and pans, utensils, storage facilities and kitchen knives you will land up experiencing intensified costs later since more time is dedicated towards cleaning and maintaining the unproductive and faulty equipment.

And the cooking equipment essential to the effectual operation of your kitchen, there are certain products to take into account, like chefs and wait staff uniforms, table settings as well as interior decorations. These supplementary items are essential to tantalising customers into your restaurant. Selecting these supplies needs more creativity and includes designing an image for your business and picking products that fit and complement your style.

And as the saying goes, the devil in the details, and it is essential to choose your hospitality supplies carefully in order to concoct the perfect experience for your patrons.

If you’re a business owner who is looking for a supplier of commercial products for the kitchen, why will you go for purchasing wholesale kitchen supplies? First and foremost, you are likely to save up on the costs when buying wholesale rather than retail branded kitchen supplies and accessories.

Secondly, when you purchase commercial kitchen supplies from an online store, you’re likely to save more as the need for a firm to maintain an expensive delivery truck is eradicated. Essentially, the necessity of a middle man is also eradicated so the supplier of the restaurant kitchen supplies can convey the savings to you.

Thirdly, you have the option to chose from a wide variety of kitchen items for manifold commercial purposes. By wondering of small ways to enhance your service you can rapidly get ahead of the opposition and build up a loyal diner base. Gradually, more restaurant suppliers have started ordering restaurant equipment online. They have turned out to be a mainstream force by delivering a wholesale restaurant supply services that includes some of the best deals and prices.

At Bulk Wholesale, the entire team is dedicated to ensure that all its customers are confident that they are receiving restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies they need at invincible prices. Whether you shop online or visit their Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney showrooms, ensure to make Bulk Wholesale store your number one source of commercial, hospitality and kitchen supplies today!

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