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The enzymes in our Heavy Duty Floor/Surface Cleaner break down oil / grease into their basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even oil slicks simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds them in place.

Industrial strength heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces. Contains no solvents.
Contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oils and petroleum based problems. Rather than merely pushing the oil and grease around with soap, the multi-enzyme formula lifts and breaks down the petroleum and grease.
pH Neutral – Soap Free Formula – Septic safe
No Palm Oil – No Ammonia – No Chlorine
Designed to be effective at low temperatures!
No Heavy scrubbing needed – works well with scrubbers
Designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and oil residue.
Non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water.
For use on – Concrete floors, Car Parks, Outdoor Paving, Factory Floors, train platforms.

What’s innovative about the ‘Heavy Duty Cleaner’?
Multi Function Enzyme technology
The Benefits of Adding a Multi-Enzyme Solution:
A more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable.
Support for the “compaction” trend. Low volumes of enzymes are required to replace high-volume ingredients such as surfactants and builders.
Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining several enzymes results in improved stain removal and overall general cleaning beyond what single enzymes and traditional surfactants can achieve.
Energy-efficient product. Enzymes work well even at low temperatures, allowing wash temperature reductions and thereby energy savings.
Enzyme cleaners are naturally occurring elements so they are “Planet-Safe.”


  • Industrial floors
  • Kitchen floors
  • Concrete Pads
  • Service bays
  • Carparks
  • Bus Stations
  • Train Platforms
Frequently Asked Questions
Are your products Australian Made?

Yes, our cleaning supplies are manufactured and distributed from our warehouse in Melbourne to all parts of Australia including regional. Even most of our range of paper products such as toilet tissues and hand towels are locally made. With regards to machinery such as vacuums and high pressure washers, they are sourced from all around the world such as Europe and USA to ensure quality.


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Enzyme Wizard Heavy Duty Floor/Surface Cleaner

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10536 EW Heavy Duty Twin
Enzyme Wizard Heavy Duty Floor/Surface Cleaner
Original price was: Price: $33.85 – $305.00.Current price is: $26.75 – $282.75. Select options
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