Mop & Buff / Sealed and Shiny Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

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Enviro Mop & Buff Floor Maintainer / Cleaner   Enviro Mop & Buff floor maintainer cleaner removes scuff marks and is designed for sealed floors and auto burnishing applications.   Enviro Mop & Buff is carefully formulated for Mop-on application to revitalize shiny floors.  Enviro Mop & Buff interval between floor coating applications.  Enviro Mop & Buff is made from high quality bio-degradable materials.

BENEFITS :    Reduces overall maintenance cost by reducing the frequency of re coating cycle.  Produces deep glossy wet-look.  Eliminates spray buffing.  Concentrated for economical use.  Classified by UL as a slip resistance only.

DIRECTIONS AS MOP & BUFF :    Dilute 1:15 part water. Mop the area using a clean long mop, where marks are encountered rub with mop. Allow to dry and buff using hard brush or medium pad under high speed polishing machine until desired gloss is attained.

DIRECTIONS AS SPRAY & BUFF :  Dilute 1:5 part water in a spray bottle. When buffing floor with a high speed machine you may encounter scuff marks. Spay onto these spots and continue to buff until floor is clean from marks.

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