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Kitchen Cleaning Tips: No Room for Germs

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: No Room for Germs

by Bulk Wholesale / December 26, 2018 kitchen hospitality supplies

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Maintaining a clean kitchen is one of the most essential aspects of a clean house. Not like rest of the home, germs pendent in the kitchen won’t just be stepped on by you and your family- you can in fact end up eating them. For your health sake, have a glance over these simple but essential tips.

Grease is your enemy

Nobody desires of getting grease into their system. As oil is essential for cooking, it does harm our body if we overlook its presence in the things we put in our mouths. Do you know that cooking releases petite particles of grease into the air? They actually stick onto the surface of anything in the kitchen and could eventually promote the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Note: For a grease-free kitchen, you should develop a habit of cleaning your kitchen at least once in a month.

Wipe down the grease

Not all of us can afford to have an expensive range hood over our stoves. At times a really big window near the cooking area is good enough, but not all kitchens possess a window, big or small, specifically if you reside in a low-rent or solo apartment. When the going gets tough, you have no other option but to get your hands dirty.

Soak a damp cloth in a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe every inch of surface in the kitchen. Let the tiles or any other stone surface untouched. Vinegar is consider as an efficient cleaning agent, but is functions the other way when used on stoned surfaces. Rather, use warm water to moisten the cloth. Perform this once or twice a month to ensure your kitchen is clean and grease-free.

Dislike towards tiles as they’re pain

Undoubtedly, they are. Tarnished tiles are surely a sore-spot. But, tiles are one of the most recognised floor type for kitchen and for a good reason too. Tile grout usually dig deep into the spaces betwixt tiles, making it difficult to liquefy even with the best cleaning agent.

When tile grout is considered, then prevention is better than cure. Get rid of the stains ASAP; don’t wait for spills to rest for long enough so that they become permanent. The longer the stain stays over, the harder it is to get rid of them all together. Use a mishmash of warm water and tile detergent for a durable cleaning effect.

Food stinks because the refrigerator stinks

Nothing can be worse than a stinky refrigerator. It’s definitely sickening and embarrassing if you have guests visiting your place. Honestly, the smell occurs naturally. It takes place due to microscopic food particles that are either roomed or stuck in some corner or the fridge wall. Acquire some materials and start cleaning.

Initially, use a soaked sponge in foaming bath cleaner to wipe the fridge walls. This should remove most of the stains and dirt, but not the smell. Next, combine some vinegar and one or two tablespoons of baking soda into a water bucket. Moisten a cloth with the solution and use it to wipe the walls again to get rid of the piquant odour.

Note: Check for freon outflows if the smell loiters even after cleaning.

Tang for tangy

And then comes the DISHWASHER.  Do you really think you can get away by not cleaning the dishwasher? Oh, come on! You simmer and swallow food using those kitchen utensils and you are going to wash them with a filthy dishwasher? All of that dirt and old food particles inside the dishwasher will get stuck to the utensils and plates.

Just clean the inside compartment using a damp cloth, which should probably clean the dirt out of what isn’t supposed to be there to begin with. Eventually, fill a dispenser with dish soap and the other with Tang instant drink mix and allow the dishwasher run with an empty compartment. This should freshen the interiors of the dishwasher. We don’t know how the Tang works, but it does.

Every kitchen, irrespective of the location, needs to be cleaned regularly. Bulk Wholesale kitchen cleaning in Melbourne will be ideal for your requirement.

Follow these tips and your kitchen will look, smell and even taste clean!