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Hosting Parties with a Carpet at Home

Hosting Parties with a Carpet at Home

by Bulk Wholesale / September 20, 2019 Carpet cleaning products

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Having a carpet at home can be a huge hassle. While purchasing it may have felt great, maintaining it can be a challenge. This is even more so when you are in the habit of hosting parties often. Here is how you can keep your carpets from being soiled while hosting a party:

Leave a doormat out front

Your guests are bound to come inside the house wearing footwear that has been worn to places you cannot imagine. Be it muck, dirt, or anything for that matter, all of it will be wiped on your carpet if you are not careful. The best way to avoid this is by leaving a doormat out front where your guests can wipe their footwear off before walking all over your carpet.

Set up drinking and eating spot in another area

If you have a carpet in your living room with your guests gathered there, make sure you set up a separate area or space for eating and drinking to avoid unnecessary spills on your cherished carpets. One way to do this is to have a table set in your kitchen area where you can pile up food for them to choose from. Once they are done eating or drinking, they can come back over to the living room to mingle with the other guests.

Cover the carpet with a wash-proof layer

You have spent a fortune on getting that carpet gracing your home. And we know you would rather show it off than hide it. However, the chances of having it spoilt are much greater, especially if you have children coming over too. You can spread a wash-proof cover over the carpet if necessary, that could keep the carpet from being stained badly.

In case your carpet is still stained after all the precautions you took, or perhaps due to the lack of precautions taken, make sure to choose carpet cleaning products that are mild and suited for your carpet material.